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4 Ways to Cultivate Peace in Your Family

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Do you wish and hope for a more peaceful family life? Does it seem like other people’s families manage to co-exist peacefully, while your home and family life always ends up in utter chaos?

People who manage to cultivate peace with family likely have rules that everyone follows when in the presence of each other. These rules may be unspoken, having come into being simply by the parents leading by example, with children following suit. Or, mom and dad may have taken a more active role in cultivating peace in the family by setting limits and teaching kids how to be respectful of one another.

Being peaceful at home definitely has to do with respect. It also has to do with boundaries. Let’s explore those concepts as we run through 4 ways to be peaceful with your family.

Take turns talking.

Family members who interrupt when other people are speaking, or engage in cross-conversations, definitely up the chaos factor while detracting from the sense of peace in a family setting. Try to instill a practice of waiting for someone else to finish what they’re saying, before the next person chimes in.

Respect each other’s need for quiet.

Every family has its boisterous moments. But for the most part, when people live together, each person is doing his or her own thing at any given moment. Kids might be working on homework, while Dad is reading and Mom is paying bills. At these times, we can show respect for each other by keeping talking to a minimum and lowering our voices at those times when we must use words.

Give each other space and breathing room.

Sometimes, spreading out into different parts of the house seems like a good way for everyone to take a break, relax and recharge in his or her own way. One person might be reading in their bedroom, while another is puttering about doing a project, and a third is catching up with email. At these times, it’s always peaceful to leave each person to themselves, while keeping the mood calm and quiet.

Agree to disagree.

We’re more likely to get into disagreements with people we live with than with friends or acquaintances from someplace like work. This is because we tend to have our guard down with close relatives. Also, with family, we feel the most comfortable, like we can speak our minds without being judged. Additionally, family might tend to press our buttons which can result in arguments.

While hashing it out can feel like a healthy release from time to time, we should also recognize when the discussion is actually productive versus when it’s become two or more people just making noise. In that case, it may be best to call a truce and retreat to separate corners; agree to disagree as a way to keep the peace.

These strategies can help maintain peace in your home. This holiday season would be a great time to put these concepts into play.

How do you maintain peace in your home? Do you have any specific tricks? Let us know in the comments!

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4 Ways to Cultivate Peace in Your Family


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