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Create Peace in Your Neighborhood

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“Peace on Earth” is a common mantra at Christmas, and it’s often said that peace begins with you.

Wondering what ways you can extend peace to your neighbors this holiday season? It’s easier than you think to spread a peaceful vibe to the people in your community. Just start with a simple, thoughtful gesture, and the effects will ripple outward.

Drive peacefully.

It’s especially difficult to cultivate a peaceful, easy feeling when we’re stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic during the holidays. However, racing up to that stop sign, or cutting off another vehicle is definitely no way to be peaceful toward others at this busy and often hectic time. And what’s more, angry driving can result in a serious accident. So if you’re in your car at Christmas time, heading from here to there, just take a deep breath and relax.

Turn up the Christmas tunes, sing along with the music, and realize the importance of sharing peace with others on the road today.

Don’t be a noisy neighbor.

Christmas time often means holiday gatherings and excess merriment. If you’re planning a party, keep in mind that neighbors might have their own thing going on. That thing could be sleeping. Keep the music to a respectable noise level. Avoid being loud and rambunctious while outside. Make sure that anyone who may be coming and going in their cars is doing so in a quiet and unobtrusive way that respects the neighbors’ need for peace.

Offer the gift of patience.

Holiday time is a busy time. People are trying to fit in shopping and errand running with limited hours to get everything done that they need to. While the lights, music, and merriment definitely lend a sense of fun and excitement at this time of year, we must all curb our tendency to become impatient and grumpy. Be your most forgiving and peaceful self when standing in line at the mall, getting stuck behind a slow-moving elderly person, waiting for kids who may not be doing what you’d like them to at any given time, and anyone else who tweaks your last nerve.

Avoid pettiness and gossip.

One way to bring more peace into your immediate world is by not engaging in he-said, she-said conversations that put others in a bad light. In other words, stay out of gossiping circles if you can. Speaking poorly of another person, or using others’ problems as a form of entertainment, is a way to spread negativity that eventually causes problems for the person whom you’ve been speaking about to others. It could create arguments and misunderstandings for them. Gossiping about others might even result in the breakdown of relationships. If you wish and hope for peace in others’ lives, then when it comes to gossip, hold your tongue.

Be a peacemaker.

If you see other people getting into a skirmish, step in (carefully) with an offering for peace. This could mean trying to lend support or help, gently breaking up the argument, or something else. Remember here to just your good judgment — don’t step into anything that looks dangerous. Getting yourself hurt is not very peaceful so get help. That can help with the peace as well!

What can you do around the neighborhood to keep the peace? Tell us in the comments.

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Create Peace in Your Neighborhood

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