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Finding Peace Outdoors

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Hoping to discover a more laid-back, peaceful, and mindful way of being during the Christmas and holiday time of year? One way to strike a balance between the hustle and bustle of decorating, shopping, cooking, baking, donating, card-writing, and party planning season is by giving yourself a needed gift: time spent alone in nature.

If it’s cold where you live, then you might not be so inclined to step outside and face the brisk winds or feel your toes growing numb in your boots. But probably the most difficult thing about getting outside during the approaching winter season is the motivation.

Once you layer up, you’ll find that being outside in the fresh, cold air isn’t that bad. And if your feet and fingers can’t take the frozen temps, it’s nothing a pair of toe-warmer boot inserts or hand warmers in each jacket pocket can’t fix.

Honestly, if we are to cultivate peaceful feelings toward others whom we meet in our travels, then we must first find out what activities work best to ease our minds and soothe our restless spirit. Even just 30 minutes of being out in the cold, fresh air, braving the elements, communing with nature, can have an enormously positive effect on our entire outlook.

The next time the holiday plans are getting the best of you, make your escape to the great outdoors. Find a way to ground your mind and get back to feeling calm and peaceful on the inside.

Peaceful Ways to Spend Time Outdoors this December

Take a walk with your dog or child.

Trot along, listening to the cheerful chirp of winter birds, offering your dog a smile, and observing the sights, sounds, and smells of the great outdoors with your best friend along for the company. This is definitely a way to embrace the beauty of nature while increasing peaceful feelings.

Find some outdoor work to keep you busy.

Chop wood for the fireplace, turn over garden beds for the upcoming spring planting season. Sweep the leaves and pine needles from your front path. Shovel snow. Clean out the shed. Outdoor cleanup jobs can actually be fun once the weather turns colder. You’ll get things done that you wanted to do, burn energy, feel better, and return as a more peaceful and satisfied person.

Cut down your own Christmas tree.

If you live in the country, then hop in the car with the rest of the family. Soon you’ll have a fresh and fragrant pine tree to haul home and bedeck with lights and sentimental decorations. If you’ve never chopped down a tree before, you’d be surprised at how easy it is with the help of a simple saw and two adults to assist in the process. This activity accomplishes several seasonal goals: getting outside for some exercise, spending quality time with family, taking pictures for the family holiday card, and checking “putting up the tree” from your to-do list.

There are many ways to find peace this season. What do you like to do outside during the winter?

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Finding Peace Outdoors


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