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Can Pets Help Us with Peace?

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Searching for life lessons in how to become more peaceful with family, friends, and people you encounter in your daily life? Look to your own pets for ways to show and share peace.

It’s funny that when it comes to peace in the home, our pets are often the best living example of how to embody a peaceful attitude each and every day. How is it that our dog and cat friends are able to express their loving feelings toward us so readily, without even being able to speak words?

Ironically, the very thing that separates animals from humans may just be the thing that makes them more peaceful. Where they lack verbal communication, they express their love and devotion to us through body language.

Nonverbal Communication

How can we apply this to humans, and our ability to show love and be peaceful toward each other? Consider the nonverbals that our pets send us daily. Think about your dog, “smiling” and wagging his tail, jumping about excitedly, at the sight of you coming in through the front door.

Consider your cat, twining herself around and around your legs, rubbing her face against you, so yearnfully seeking your loving touch, and able to communicate this without needing the ability to talk.

Human beings communicate with each other on two levels. One way is spoken communication – the words that emerge from our lips, or the words that we write to one another in notes, emails, and texts. If the words and the body language match, then we know that the spoken sentiment is genuine. But the body language tends to speak greater volumes of truth, where the words can sometimes mislead and confuse.

If you want to practice being a more loving and peaceful person, then do as your pets do and learn to express in body language the care that you have for your loved ones and good friends. Here are some simple, nonverbal ways to show peace to the people we care about.

Eye contact

Wide eyes that search out another person’s gaze are a definite sign that we crave peaceful relations with them, even despite what we may have conveyed in words moments ago. When words fail, rely on the honesty of eye contact to express your wish to share peace with another person.

Open body language

Think about the stance you might take while listening to or standing with someone else. Crossed arms, turning the body away, avoiding meeting their gaze and a downturned, tight-lipped mouth are all ways that we might express displeasure with someone by way of nonverbals. But standing with your body facing toward the other person, looking at them, having relaxed, open body posture, and making eye contact all manage to relay that positive, peaceful vibe that says “I like you. You’re important to me. I’m open to hearing what you have to say.”


A really fantastic way to help your family and loved ones feel at home, relaxed and peaceful in your presence is by offering a hug. It can be a huge bear hug at the end of a busy day. Or, it can be a light, quick, impulse of a hug that says “Everything is okay, and I like you.” Think again of those furry friends, able to tell you their needs by gazing wistfully, placing a paw gently on your leg, and coming over to slobber lovingly upon you.

In Conclusion…

Take it from our beloved pets: being affectionate with the people we care about is one of the best ways to ease stress, promote feelings of relaxation, and enjoy times of peace and comfort, together.

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Can Pets Help Us with Peace?


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