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Share Peace During a Meal

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Hoping to enjoy greater peace this holiday season?

Meals are a major focus of Christmas, Chanukah, and other December holidays. We will break bread with immediate and extended family. We’ll likely be invited out to at least a few parties where meals are served, and possibly some festive restaurant gatherings.

Will these shared meals be a time of peaceful togetherness? Or will we go home feeling worn out and weary? That depends on our ability to cultivate peace during mealtime. Peaceful meals are most definitely a group effort. So if you’re hoping for relaxing moments spent with family and friends this holiday season, then the time to instill politeness and courtesy at mealtime is now.

Keep It Light

There is so much controversy happening in the world. Sure, we can engage in a heated political or social debate over ham and pumpkin pie. But our meals will be decidedly more peaceful if we can agree to disagree, and let it be. Talks about recent vacations, interesting sightseeing experiences, and our favorite recipes might be the better choices when trying to keep peace at the holiday table.

Manners, Please

Kids needn’t attend finishing school to learn the basics of mealtime etiquette. Taking small portions, making sure everyone has enjoyed firsts before asking for seconds… avoiding interrupting others when speaking. All of these and other basic rules of politeness make for good table manners which will set a peaceful and pleasant tone at sit-down holiday gatherings where food is served.

Grateful not Hateful

One of the best ways to kick off holiday meals on a peaceful note is by having each person express what they’re grateful for. This is generally a tradition held at Thanksgiving time. However, as more people have discovered the vast benefits of a gratitude practice, it’s something that more families are engaging in as a means of connecting during mealtime. Gratitude will certainly be a welcome practice of peace during the holiday time of year.

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Share Peace During a Meal

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