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Follow Your Heart to Peaceful People

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Do you crave peace at holiday time? What about the rest of the year? More people are coming out and sharing about their mental health challenges, including depression and anxiety.

If you are someone struggling with your sense of self and are having trouble managing emotions, consider one major aspect of life that may be affecting your outlook and level of peace: being surrounded by negative and argumentative people.

Relationships and Our Sense of Peace

It’s not often discussed that the root of our emotional troubles may well be the types of relationships we have with family, romantic partners, and close friends. But part of sharing real love with others includes the ability to let your guard down, trust, and be yourself without fear of criticism, judgment, or blame.

When we must constantly watch our own backs in our relationships is when feelings of mistrust and a sense of never really being safe manifest in our lives. But yet if this is the only brand of love that someone has ever known, then it may be difficult for them to make the connection between unhealthy relationships and their troubled mental state.

How can we find peace when our relationships are laced with mistrust? We really can’t, and this is the reason why so many people don’t feel as though the holidays are the truly relaxing time that they ought to be.

So what do you do when you know that peace evades you due to the company you keep? You come to terms with this reality, and you seek out the presence of peaceful people who provide the comfort and security that you aren’t being offered from relatives, family, and friends.

Some places to find kindred, peaceful souls:

Special interest groups.

You may be an artist at heart, a budding writer, or a closet crafter. Searching out people who share and can help you cultivate these talents can definitely become a source of peace.

Support groups.

If you’re having serious challenges in your close relationships, then a peaceful feeling may seem to evade you at every turn. This is where the friendship connections made at support groups may help you to discover that feeling of peaceful acceptance that you need to feel safe and grounded in your life.

At volunteer efforts.

When life seems bleak and you can’t seem to find peace, you might seek it out by joining a volunteer project. There are always people for whom things seem worse-off than you. It can feel like a soothing balm for the soul to reach out with a helping hand for other people in need.

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Follow Your Heart to Peaceful People

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