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Reassess Yourself Going Into the New Year: Who Am I?

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Who am I?

Most people have asked themselves this question at least once in their lives. It’s often asked after a major change in our lives such as a divorce or job loss — or the start of a New Year. We might ask the question as we graduate school or when our children are grown. Throughout our lives, we often struggle to identify who we are based on more than what we do.

It’s important to know the answer to this question. When you know without question who you are, your life becomes more meaningful, filled with joy, and has a purpose.

Let’s dig into the real question of who am I?

The real question you should ask is “what is my identity”.  Our identity is our memories, what we value, the things we’ve experienced, our thoughts, feelings, and relationships combined. You are everything that makes up your whole self.

To find out the answers to what is your identity, you need to dig deeper and honestly answer some tough questions. 

  • What am I good at? And what comes naturally to me?
  • What and who has shaped me? Can I name any events or circumstances in my life have made an impact on me? Who influenced me in the past?
  • What are my weaknesses? What are my strengths? Maybe you are self-confident in your skill and talent but are afraid of failure. Your strengths can include your skills, abilities, talents, and your character.
  • What am I afraid of? How do I deal with crises or opportunities? AM I an introvert, preferring to work alone or an extrovert, loving to work with groups of people?
  • What do I like to do? What are my interests? These can include your passions, your hobbies, or whatever keeps you occupied for long periods of time. This gives you a clue to what makes up your identity.
  • What are my values? Your values play an important part in who you are. They guide you in your decisions and reaching your goals. Values are things like helping others, being creative, financial security, health, and so on.

More Questions — It’s a Process

These are just a few of the questions to ask yourself as you ponder who you are. As you do, sit quietly and just consider. Think about who you truly are, not who you want to be or who you’ve been told you are.

For instance, maybe you are passionate about knitting, helping others is a value, and you are an extrovert. Your energy is best at night and one of your strengths is self-confidence and fairness. Knowing these attributes helps you see that you are fair with others, are passionate and caring, and love being a part of a group.

Knowing These Answers — Key Before Moving Forward

Figuring out who you are and getting to know you all over again means learning about who you are. It comes from what interests you and you are passionate about. Knowing your identity is built on your values and your temperament.

So the next time you are faced with the question, “Who am I?”, take the time to answer what makes up your identity.

Need a Little Assistance Finding These Answers?

So, while this process of learning who you are is not hard per se, it can be challenging if you don’t have some organization to follow.

This free book is a good place to start.

Need a Little More Assistance?

If so, I have a mini-course based on this topic.

This mini-course includes an approximately 30-minute video and a 60-page workbook that helps you work through a refresher course on YOU — looking at your history, your goals, strengths and weaknesses, mindset, and more.

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Loving Life — The Reboot!


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Reassess Yourself Going Into the New Year: Who Am I?


  • Brenda Marie Fluharty

    There are many times in our lives when we ask ourselves this question. When big changes happen to us. I went through a move and huge changes in my life ver the past three years. Now, I am rediscovering who I truly am.

    • Dominique

      I think we should ask this question multiple times in our lives — big things cause changes but even little things or maybe the culmination of a lot of little things. You find that you want something different than you planned!

    • Dominique

      True! Marriage, divorce, job loss, new job graduation, childbirth, or adoption are all good times to ask yourself these questions. Sometimes, even when you feel stagnant and nothing big has happened…

  • Tamara

    Happy new year, Dominique! Nice to see you again. It is important to know yourself, and you’re asking great questions. “Who am I” happanes to be the writig prompt for January 5 of the other challenge I participate in. Let me know if you’d like to link up your post there 🙂

    • Dominique

      Happy New Year! Thank you for the offer! Could you let me see the website — it sounds like a good idea! I am looking forward to interacting this month and in the future!

  • Jeanine Byers

    That has been so true in my life. Something happens that shakes me up again, and I then have to think about who I am becoming in response to the change. And I like your suggestion to look at what we love doing, and what we value. Those things can shift, too, as a result of our experiences.

    • Dominique

      I have changed a lot since my young adult years in what I wanted, how I wanted to get there, and more. I changed a lot during my time on dialysis. I spend a lot of time thinking about this topic! LOL

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