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52 Weeks of Writing Tips: Weeks 4-5

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I have been doing some final edits on my novel so I am going to continue to put up some writing tips. It keeps me motivated to continue on my journey as well.

Hopefully, they will inspire you too!

4. Write for Your Audience

When writing online content for the internet, your biggest concern is that you will want to cut out all the fluff and padding of your work. While it is still important to pay attention to your use of grammar, spelling and punctuation, your primary concern is to keep your writing concise.

It is still important to develop a style so that your audience can identify with you. You will want to aim your writing at a general level. This means not using overly long or difficult words and talking to your reader as though you were writing to a friend.

With the emergence of the internet, writing styles are definitely more relaxed than ever before. It is still important to maintain a professional quality of your work so that you can brand yourself as an expert in your niche.

5. Use Complete Sentences

While writing for the internet requires you to be friendlier, you still need to write grammatically correct sentences. Your sentence structure should be complete and concise. An example of an incomplete sentence is when you suddenly place the word ‘when’ at the beginning. Using this word makes a statement incomplete, such as in the following example:

  • When I complete this project.

Instead, write:

  • I completed this project.

If you use an online spelling and grammar checker, it refers to an incomplete sentence to as a fragmented sentence.

Because online writing rules are more relaxed, it is okay to break the rules now and again. You will notice that a lot of online content will have sentences that start with the words ‘and and because’. This was definitely something that any good English teacher would tell you is not correct. But now it is acceptable.

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52 Weeks of Writing Tips: Weeks 4-5


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