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Signs Overthinking May be Holding You Back

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Overthinking occurs when we repeatedly worry and ruminate over the same thoughts. Overthinking happens to everyone. When a situation, worry, thought, or idea embeds itself in our brains, it can lead to thinking about it…too much. Some studies suggest introverts lean towards overthinking more often than their extroverted counterparts. Since introverts tend to be internal processors, they often times spend more time in their head, but no one is immune to the unrelenting impact overthinking can cause.

Worry is Normal, Overthinking is Not

Worry can be important. Our inner GPS often alerts us that something’s not right and worry can be an indicator that you need to pay closer attention to whatever is triggering it. When worry crosses over into overthinking it loses its benefits and creates a burden. That’s because overthinking can lead to

  • Seeking too much advice from others
  • Distorted thinking and insecurity
  • Health issues
  • Mental exhaustion
  • Sleeplessness

and more!

Overthinking can rob you of today, worrying about tomorrow. It many ways it can hold you back from experiencing the best in life. Here are some important signs overthinking may be holding you back.

Sign: You replay conversations and interactions over and over in your mind

Self assessment is important. It’s good to replay our interpersonal interactions over in our minds to be sure we are showing up in the best way possible. You may be at risk for overthinking if you tend to fixate on interactions long after they are over. Additionally, if you spend time dissecting conversations and reading between the lines, you could be setting yourself up for overthinking. Overthinkers tend to dwell on situations with a critical lens which can trigger negative thoughts and feelings.

Sign: You jump to the worst-case scenario

We’ve all heard how failing to plan is planning to fail. It’s good to give some thought to what may happen in a given situation but jumping to the worst-case scenario and spending too much time thinking about what could happen can cause overthinking. Overthinkers tend to create anxiety by looking at every possible thing that could go wrong rather than what’s neutral or could go right.

Sign: Your sleep and eating habits are off

When we worry, we tend to experience disrupted sleep and eat too little or too much. Worrying in and of itself can contribute to sleep and eating disorders and many people aren’t aware of the connection. Rather than attribute their insomnia or appetite to their thoughts, which can be changed, they fail to realize worry is the trigger for their health issues. Overthinkers often suffer from lack of sleep, digestive issues, and difficulty managing their weight.


You may recognize worry as part of your everyday life and wonder if overthinking has become an issue. If you are experiencing any or all of these signs, it may be important to take a deeper dive into the habit of overthinking.   

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Signs Overthinking May be Holding You Back
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