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Five Healthy Snack Swaps

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This month, my posts will look at healthy food swaps.

It is said that snacks make up about ten percent of the American diet and, for some, even more. The International (IFIC) Food Information Council, in a 2020 survey, found that forty percent of the participants used snacks to replace meals, and twenty-five percent stated they consume two or more snacks throughout their day. Unfortunately, many of the favorite snacks consumed are high in calories, fat, sugar, and sodium. This means the foods you choose to snack on could be sabotaging your weight loss results or journey to a healthier diet.

Here are five common snacks to swap to achieve a healthier diet and lifestyle:



It doesn’t need to be stated that overindulging in candy can be detrimental to your bloodstream and teeth. In addition, too much sugar intake can increase your blood pressure and, over time, increase your risk of developing type two diabetes. Fruit such as frozen grapes or strawberries makes a tasty, easy, and healthy alternative to candy.



While chips may be inexpensive and a convenient option to grab, they are not the best when it comes to your health; an ounce of the typical potato chip increases your consumption fat by ten grams and offers no other nutritional value. In addition, it’s important to note that research points to an increased risk of obesity if you consume chips. Air-popped popcorn, nuts, or roasted chickpeas are great options to consume instead of chips.

Fatty Dips or Cheese Dip

cheese dip

Ditch the fatty dips and reach for the fresh salsa and homemade hummus—these choices of full of vitamins and healthy fats that won’t make you feel sluggish or tired.



Puddings made from dairy can quickly add calories and fat that can harm your heart health and lead to more weight gain. Chia pudding, oatmeal, cream of wheat, or avocado blended with cocoa powder and honey are delicious and healthy alternatives to pudding. Although the nutrients found in these foods protect your overall health, they can also improve your digestion.



Cookies are commonly consumed as a snack in America even though they are considered a dessert around many other parts of the world. These are small and easy to overindulge on, impacting your weight. Simply blend a few water-soaked dates and almonds together and form them into balls. Roll them into tasted coconut or more nuts and enjoy a healthy and slightly sweet alternative to cookies.


Overall, finding healthy snack alternatives is easy to do. You have to be willing to take the time to learn and experiment. For example, start with just one of your favorite snacks. When you get used to that one, find a different unhealthy snack to tackle. In other words, you don’t need to be perfect overnight. However, if you’re mindful regarding your actions and understand what you are putting into your body, you will be healthier. What’s more, your health will be that much more sustainable because it’s based on what’s best when you do it—depending on the research.

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Five Healthy Snack Swaps

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  • Tamara

    Great to see you again Dominique!
    What you say makes perfect sense. However… Snacks are so convenient!
    No washing, chopping, meshing, blending. Plus they’re not perishable. How many times have I purchased strawberries, and the ones below the first layer were already rotting 🙁 And I love strawberries!

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