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Simple Swaps to Grow an Active Lifestyle

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To prevent yourself from becoming an unhealthy statistic, you need to focus on adopting a healthy diet and growing an active lifestyle. While mean “health gurus” will tell you that you can lose weight or be healthy without exercise, it simply isn’t true for the long run. Being active is about far more than just weight loss. It is about keeping your heart healthy and improving the strength of your bones, muscles, and joints, and so much more.

If you find it hard to get moving, you are not alone. Physical inactivity among American adults is actually highly common these days with increased technology and other convenience. However, being sedentary leads to many life-threatening diseases. Incorporating a healthy diet and movement throughout your day, even beyond exercise, is vital to a healthy, happy, and long life.

Here are three simple swaps to make right now to grow a more active lifestyle:

Add Movement to Your Morning Routine

Avoid sedentary social media scroll and opt for a morning routine that involves movement. Of course, you don’t have to avoid social media completely if you don’t want to. Just do it while you go on a walk or simply march in place. Getting your heart flowing is a great way to energize your day and provide a boost of dopamine to feel happy and confident to tackle any challenges that may come your way.

Trade Watch Time for Active Participation

In other words, stop watching your friends, family, or children play and play with them. This also includes watching others on YouTube, Instagram, or other social media platforms enjoy an activity you wish you could be doing. Instead of wishing or daydreaming through them, make the right steps to enjoy it yourself. Even if you just start with two minutes a day. Over time that two minutes will build up to everything you hoped for.

Ditch the Nap and Take a Lap or Two

If you feel tired, go for a walk, swim, or bike ride and ditch the feeling to nap. It doesn’t need to be hard, brisk, or something to overexert yourself. Just enough to inspire movement instead of being more sedentary. Daily naps can disrupt your sleep and cause more mental fog or confusion and disrupt your circadian rhythm. Cleaning your room, marching in place or small jumping jacks are quick exercises you can do too.

Overall, growing an active lifestyle is essential if you want to live as long as possible. Unfortunately, research overwhelmingly supports that a life void of movement can significantly reduce your life expectancy as it leads to many chronic illnesses. Use these three powerful yet simple mindset swaps to grow a more active lifestyle in no time.

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Simple Swaps to Grow an Active Lifestyle

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