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Iced Tea Musings on National Iced Tea Day 2022

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It’s National Iced Tea Day again!

It’s been another weird, exciting, and sometimes frightening year. Watching the news is either a scary or angry-making process, so I have learned to limit my consumption. All the issues I was concerned about during my first Iced Tea Musings 2 years ago still exist, but I am dealing with them.

I have lots of other things to keep my mind on…

My son is doing well in college, and my daughter is halfway through high school. I am working on my book launch and managing my blogs and stores. My husband and I are trying to become foster parents this year. Everyone in our family who needed to start working out regularly (everyone except my son LOL) is doing so.

While COVID is still there, and life can be crazy, we are doing our thing…

So, I tip my iced tea to another iced tea day…

AND here are links to some iced tea posts and recipes to celebrate the day.

The Roles of Tea in Life and Around the World

Black Tea Varieties to Try

Tea Talk: How Many kinds Are There?

Ginger-Peach Iced Tea
Do you like iced tea? This version of iced tea has the sweetness of peaches and the twang of ginger. The combination makes this a refreshing brew that is ideal for summer gatherings or for warm summer evenings.
Check out this recipe
Ginger-Peach Iced Tea

Enjoy your Day!

Loving Life — The Reboot!


Iced Tea Musings on National Iced Tea Day 2022

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