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Christmas in July: 3 Things to Do in Summer to Make the Holidays Easier

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Planning ahead has its benefits. You may not be thinking about the holidays in the middle of summer, but it might be a smart habit to create. Taking a moment to think about the holidays as early as July can help you reduce holiday stress and make your next holiday season the best yet.

There are some key things you can do in July that will help set the tone for your next holiday season. Take a look at 3 things you can do in summer to make your holidays easier.

1. Update your Calendar

Taking a look at your holiday calendar can help you determine what dates need to be set aside for your ideal holiday. Do you want to take a vacation during the holidays? Mark the time off now and book any accommodations or activities well in advance. This can help you save time and money. Tickets for airlines tend to be cheaper the earlier you buy and there is generally more availability for hotels and excursions when you book early.

2. Try to Shop Early

Shop early. In this time of supply chain issues, this may be more important this year than any other recent year. Many things are in limited supply. If you know there are certain items your family will want this holiday season, take advantage of the summertime sales during the Fourth of July weekend to try to find them at a discount. Getting some of your shopping out of the way will create more time for better things once the holidays roll around, plus you will have more time to locate those difficult-to-find items your family is looking for.

3. Make the Big Decisions

If you are going to be hosting the holiday, it’s a good time to make big decisions early. The sooner you decide what your holiday will look like, who will be coming, and begin to connect the dots, the better. You can reach out to distant family members who need to make travel arrangements to give them notice about the plans. If you are going to do anything radically different, it’s also a good time to decide and let anyone know who may be affected. Giving plenty of notice can ease any ruffled feathers that might be caused otherwise.

It’s never too early to plan. Taking some time mid-summer to plan for your holiday season can ease the stress down the line. Making the big decisions, locking down important dates and reservations, and grabbing those big-ticket items can take a huge load off your plate come the holiday season.


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Christmas in July: 3 Things to Do in Summer to Make the Holidays Easier

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