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Day 29: Thankful for Carefree Times

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Originally published November 29, 2019. Updated on November 29, 2022.

It is almost the end of our 30 Thankful Days Challenge! I hope you have found it helpful and remembered the things in your life to be grateful for. On Day 29, we will be thankful for our carefree times.


How often do you permit yourself to enjoy carefree times?

By carefree, we mean no agenda. No schedule. No set plans or obligations.

Just the whole, blessed day before you, to fill your spirit with whatever satisfies you!

What would you do if given a stretch of time full of endless promise?

Some people might use the time to get work done.

But others might opt to indulge their senses and soak up some love and light from the natural world.

Carefree, like a child. Remember what it was like to be young? What did you do with all that free time that you had?

Is it even possible to be carefree as an adult, as you were once without worries, fears, and obligations, in your youth?

Imagine what it would take to get that mindset back again! Maybe a near-death experience? Or the loss of something precious, to show you how fleeting each moment really is.

Day 29 JOURNAL EXERCISE: Plan for a carefree day.


It’s hard not to let our worries and cares get the best of us.

But one day very soon, do what you can, without the influence of drugs or alcohol, to not let the burdens of life drag you down. Do it for a FULL day… just be carefree!

In fact… if you’d really like to live out a “carefree day….” what do you think it would take to make that happen?

  • Maybe… taking a day off from work?
  • Scheduling babysitting or dog-sitting?
  • Bill-paying is not allowed, on your carefree day.
  • Worrying and stressing is not allowed, on your carefree day.
  • Hide the to-do list… this is NOT the day to make checkmarks!

Write down your possibilities for the next carefree day you get to indulge in. What might you hope to do with your time?

Go fishing? Play music? Swim in a lake? Take a nap? Draw a picture? Roll down a grassy hill? Meet a friend?

Don’t schedule it. Just list some things you’d enjoy. Then opt to do them… or not. Up to you, what to do on your carefree day!

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Day 29: Thankful for Carefree Times

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