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Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 21: Book Update

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It’s Day 21! I hope everyone has been enjoying reading the various posts from all of our fellow bloggers! I know I have!

Update! Update!! Update!

I have an update on my novel. It is incredibly slow going but I see a light (not a train) at the end of the tunnel.

I have finished my last read-through! Hooray!

Unfortunately, I had to adjust the size of my book pages. Which threw the spacing of my chapter title pages off. So, I went back to my editor on Fiverr to see if he could double-check my work for a reasonable price. LOL

Another snag: Since I adjusted my page size, I have to redo my cover. Smaller page size, more pages.

Once, that’s done, I am sending it off to the publisher. Soon, I will have a copy of my book in my hand!

Now comes the hard part — Marketing!

I am reaching out to a lot of review blogs to try to get some reviews and publicity for my novel. I think my publication date is moving out towards November. I am releasing it this year though. I need to move on to the next one!

Free Novella

While we are waiting on my debut novel, you can read my free prequel novella, I Do CHAOS.

Countdown to Senior Pics

We got our hair braided today in preparation for K’s senior photos. She wasn’t able to get her braces off before the pictures; however, she said she would willingly smile big for the pictures.

Practice makes perfect!

Have a lovely weekend!

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  • Jaime

    Yay! Congratulations on your book almost being finished! I am about to start my self-publishing journeymy and will be looking back through your blogs for some tips. As for the marketing, that’s what I have been researching this last year and getting ready to do my first launch before I even start writing! I have been following Jeff Walker and his product launch formula (PLF) which is the most widely used marketing program that I could find. Best of luck on your book! Sending love.

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