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Black Friday TV Deals for 2019

Some of the most often purchased items during Black Friday are televisions. If you pay attention to the Black Friday TV deals for 2019 and the online announcements directly on sites and at retailers, you’ll find some deals that are just too good to pass up. And you’re going to have plenty of choices this year, too.

Samsung TV Deals

Look for QLED TVs to be on sale. One of the brands you’ll want to watch for that deal is Samsung. It’s highly possible the 8K, as well as the 4K, are going to be offered at some pretty nice discounts.

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The Samsung curved 4K should hit the Black Friday deals, too.

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You’ll also see some 4K TVs on sale spread across the most popular brands. But you’ll also see plenty of sales on brands that you might not be familiar with.

Sony TV Deals

Keep in mind that just because it’s a lesser-known brand doesn’t mean the quality or the number of features is lacking. Black Friday TV deals for 2019 are probably going to list a few televisions from Sony.

Since this is a name you already know you can trust, you’ll want to pay close attention there and grab those bargains. This brand has a 75-inch Android that might go on sale.

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If it does, get yours fast because it’ll fly off the shelf – and for good reason. There are also higher-priced models that might be on sale as well.

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It’s sought after for the remarkable features like the no motion blur, wide-angle viewing, immersive sound and some come with built-in Alexa. Plus, keep an eye out for a sale on the 55-inch Sony OLED.

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TCL TV Deals

If you’re not looking for a television that large, you’ll be able to get a great deal on a smaller set like the one offered in the TCL series. The Roku is only 40 inches so you may not want to get that as a living room television.

cyber monday black friday TCL tv tv deals

But it makes a great gift for a college apartment, a new couple or if you’re looking for a second set for a different room in your house. The larger 55-inch set should also be in one of the Black Friday TV deals for 2019 and both of these televisions are good quality with smart function included.

Vizio TV Deals

The Vizio brand is going to have some great Black Friday deals for you, like their 55-inch M Series. This model has 4 HDMI connections and it gets top marks for clear picture quality and good audio.

cyber monday vizo tv deals

Look for other sizes in Vizio to make the sales, too.

LG Deals

It’s more likely than not that LG televisions are going to be featured in Black Friday sales ads. The 65-inch OLED might make the cut.

LG tvs  TV deals

LG – 65″ Class – OLED – B9 Series – 2160p – Smart – 4K UHD TV with HDR

When comparing deals, look at the features offered by each model to help make sure you get the most for your money.

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Black Friday TV Deals for 2019

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