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Cyber Monday Travel Deals for 2019

It might surprise you to discover that while plenty of people search for sales on items they want to buy during the holidays, many also search for mega savings on trips to visit new places.

In fact, Cyber Monday travel deals for 2019 are the best way to see a new state, go overseas, and have a lot of fun adventures. You can use these deals to go see family or friends. Or you can book your deal for places you’ve always wanted to see, but the travel expense just didn’t fit in your budget.

Take-a-Break Trips

Getting a break from the stress of the holidays is the best way to unwind.

You can de-stress from the crowds. Putting up with wall-to-wall people when you go out shopping, even just to the grocery store can be enough to make you swear you’re never leaving your house during the holidays again. That’s why you need something just for you to look forward to. With the sales prices, you can afford to take a solo trip to your dream destination. You can even visit multiple places.

Family Vacations

Or, you can arrange it so that you schedule a family vacation on a cruise or on a plane and it won’t break anyone’s budget. The memories you’ll gain will be priceless. Family and friends would appreciate a gift of travel. You could give them one of the Cyber Monday travel deals for 2019 that you find.

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You can help your parents celebrate a special event by sending them on a trip. Or you can surprise a spouse or romantic partner. You can schedule a getaway with your kids or with your college friends.

Group Tours

Group tours will be offered at huge discounts. The deals are so great, you can even plan ahead so that you save on trips you can take throughout the year. These travel deals will save you a lot of money on your airfare.


This company provides a wide variety of local tours and attractions. Use BFTP01 for 5% all products from Nov 25 to Dec 1

Flight Deals

You can save hundreds of dollars per person when you book your flights (check for great deals on Travelocity) on Cyber Monday. And since you’ll want a nice room, there is also great savings on hotel rooms and rental cars.

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Many of these deals will offer a combo. So, you can get flights plus two nights, which include airfare and hotel accommodations. And you’ll even get to choose which hotel you want to stay at.

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From November 25 to December 1st, use the code BLACKFRI to save 11% off for bookings made by users from UK, FR, DE, ES, IT, FI, SE, NO, DK

It’s not just airlines that will be offering some of these sweet deals. You can find them for cruises, too. Some of these deals may be a few hundred dollars up to to 50% or more off regular prices.

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From November 25 to Dec 1, use the code TAXI13 to get 13% off for all airport transfers.

If you plan to travel, you’ll want to check out the Cyber Monday travel deals for 2019. Don’t make plans before you take a look!

Note: Some of these companies have more deals available outside of the US

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Cyber Monday Travel Deals for 2019

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