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5 Reasons Why a Dedicated Workspace Will Change Your Life

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Do you have office space to work in or do you work from the couch? Or the dining table? Or the bedroom? While these options may be fine for first starting out, finding a dedicated workspace to turn into your office will help with your productivity, lessen your distractions, and boost your self-confidence.

1. Manage the clutter.

dedicated workspaces

Think of your desk as having just one purpose: Completing money-making tasks that generate income. It’s not your craft table. Not your dining table. It’s not the throw-all table filled with the kids’ school papers and artwork. With this one thought in mind, take away everything that is not related to making money. Now is the time to purge the garbage, set up organization systems for your business, and shred the outdated yet important forms. Once you assign that money-making mission, your focus and productivity will likely increase when you sit down to work.

2. Close up shop for the weekend.

Having a dedicated office space with a door allows you to close that door and focus on your personal life. Of course, you have the choice to continue working in the evening but there’s something symbolic and freeing about closing that door and not being forced to think about work. Your office door is also a symbol to your family and friends that indicates you’re working and are not to be disturbed. Learning to shut off your work brain to be present for those important people in your life can be difficult but it’s well worth the effort.

3. Improve your posture.

You may have the most comfortable recliner in the world. However, what is that position doing to your back and hips when you sit for long hours, balancing your laptop? Purchasing a comfortable, ergonomically correct desk chair will aid your body and posture while also making your work hours more pleasant. Your body won’t feel as sore when you stand up. And you might be able to put off seeing the chiropractor on a regular basis.

4. Control your work atmosphere.

dedicated workspaces

Do you need music to focus on work or do you prefer dead silence? You can select either one or a mix of both when you don’t have to share the space. Need some inspiration? Hang your favorite photos, quotes, or wall hangings. Your office is your space used for a specific purpose; saying no to family members who try to encroach on this space is a way to set up healthy boundaries.

5. Boost your self-confidence.

Working from home can have negative connotations that filter down into our subconscious. You might get criticized for not have a “real” business or making “real” money. If you’re working from your dining room and have trouble focusing, you might start to believe these misconceptions. With a dedicated workspace or office, complete with wall hangings and a clear desk, you’ll start to feel like a “real” CEO running a “real” business. That confidence boost also carries through into your video marketing, your written content, and the conversations you have with your clients.

These five reasons may seem small and inconsequential, but they WILL help your organization skills, your productivity, and your self-confidence.

ProTip: If you think you can’t find space for a dedicated office, search Pinterest for tiny office space ideas!

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5 Reasons Why a Dedicated Workspace Will Change Your Life

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