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Managing Weight Loss During the Holidays

As we are facing the December holidays, I thought it would be cool to post about managing weight loss during the holidays. I’m in this boat too! I lost 15 lbs this summer and fall and now have to try to maintain it. These posts are reminders for me as well!

The Problem…

So you lost some weight, or you’ve been dieting and exercising, hoping to drop a size, or two, or maybe more. But now the holidays are coming. If you’re dreading December… Wondering how you’ll possibly resist all of those scrumptious desserts, high-carb and high-fat choices at the Christmas buffet table… Rest assured you’re not alone.

The weight loss industry booms in January at least partly because so many people fall off the wagon in December. It’s no joke that the holidays have even the most hard-core healthy eaters packing on the pounds. They too can cave into Christmas cookie cravings and overindulge in rich, heavy foods.


With so many parties and occasions happening throughout the entire month of December, it’s nearly impossible to say no to all the delicious foods tempting us at every turn. And yet, there must be a way to reach a happy medium when it comes to enjoying all your favorite holiday fare. There must be some way to achieve your daily veggie intake while keeping control of your fat, sugar, and carb consumption.

Can you manage to stay on your diet, healthy eating plan, or commitment to a low-carb lifestyle while still being a part of the delicious indulgence that is the holiday season?

What’s the Answer?

The answer is yes — but not without some planning…

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During December, I’ll publish several posts with tips for handling the holidays when you’re trying to lose weight. Hopefully, at this festive and food-filled time of year, it will let more than your heart be light.

Loving Life — The Reboot!


Managing Weight Loss During the Holidays


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