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Kids Activities: Make a Cute Cat Bag Tag

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Sheltering at home with kids? Now homeschooling? Here is a craft that both boys and girls could enjoy!

Bag tags are very useful to many, especially if you keep losing your bag. The bag tag contains important information, such as the name of the bag owner, and the address or the name of the school or company that you are in. These tags are common among kids, especially in kindergarten and earlier grades. Some bag tags cost a lot, especially the personalized one, but this tutorial will show you how to make a cute, low-cost animal bag tag that you can personalize to your liking. Let’s have fun doing this!

Step 1: Gather all the materials on the list below:

supplies for bag tag
  • Blue, white and purple sponge paper
  • Craft scissors
  • Plastic cover
  • A piece of sewing invisible clip button
  • Black marker
  • Concrete glue

Step 2: Cut a cat head form from the purple sponge paper.

cat head

Step 3: Cut a pair of ears by forming a pointed triangle on the topmost part of it. Use the blue sponge paper for this. This will be the cat’s ear.

cut cat ears

Step 4: Concrete glue the ear on the purple head.

glue on ears bag tag

Step 5: Cut a pair of small oblongs. This will be the eyes of the cat.

cut out oblongs for eyes bag tag

Step 6: Glue the eyes just below the ears of the cat. Cut a small triangle that is proportional to the face of the cat. This will be the nose of the cat. Glue the nose in the center of the face just below the eyes.

glue eyes on

Step 7: Cut six small short strips from the blue sponge paper.

cut whiskers bag tag

Step 8: Glue the blue strips in pairs occupying both sides of the cat’s face. You should have three pairs of this. This will be the whiskers of the cat.

glue the whiskers bag tag

Step 9: Using a black marker, draw the mouth of the cat.

draw on mouth

Step 10: Draw the cat’s distinctive eyeballs.

draw in eyes bag tag

Step 11: Cut a rectangle that is big enough to fit in the back of the cat’s head. Use a blue sponge paper for this. Carefully cut the middle of the rectangle leaving just a small border on it. This rectangle will be used to hold the information on the bag tag.

back part bag tag

Step 12: Cut a piece of plastic and glue it on the rectangle from step 11.

glue back part on bag tag

Step 13: Trim the excess plastic on the sides of the rectangle.

trim the plastic bag tag

Step 14: Fix the rectangle or the information box on the back of the cat’s head.

attach to the caat head

Step 15: Cut a strip of white sponge paper with the following dimensions: 7 cm. x 2 cm.

cut a strip of sponge paper

Step 16: Cut another blue strip, but this time, slimmer than the white one with 1 cm. in width only.

cut another blue strip

Step 17: Concrete glue the blue over the white sponge strip.

concret blue bag tag

Step 18: Fix the strip on the top of the cat’s head. Generously glue this for durability since this will hold the bag tag to the bag itself.

attach the strip bag tag

Step 19: Generously glue the sewing invisible clip button on the strip.

glue invisible clip button bag tag

Step 20: Write the important information like the name of the bag owner, address, contact number, etc. on a piece of paper and slip the paper in the information box on the back of the cat’s head.

name and  address bag tag

Step 21: Your animal bag tag is ready to use!

ready to use bag tag

You can also use this to tag your lunch boxes, purse or even water jugs. The length of the strap that holds the bag tag can also be altered based on your needs, especially if you want a longer strip. This bag tag is also waterproof since we used sponge paper. Make several animals if you want!

Share it with your family and friends! Enjoy!

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Kids Activities: Make a Cute Cat Bag Tag

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