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Sunday Musings: Our Halloween Plans for 2020

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Good Sunday morning! This is the first installation in my Sunday Musings series — twice a month, I am going to write about what’s on my mind that week and give a little update on what’s coming for the week. This is a work-in-progress so I will hopefully get it fleshed out as I go!

I have realized that I have published a lot of information about Halloween but I really haven’t talked about what we were doing for Halloween this year.

Honestly? Very little!

We have two kids — one is a freshman in college and the other is a freshman in high school. Before the pandemic, I would have already bought a slew of Halloween candy and Halloween costumes.

Not so much this year.

As I have noted before, my son became the trick-or-treat leader because he would take his sister out in the neighborhood. He got candy (a lot of candy!) for being very helpful and nice so he wasn’t completely altruistic. He stopped wearing costumes pretty early on — taking on my philosophy of dressing as a teenager for trick-or-treating for years. LOL

We also have neighbors that would bring pumpkins filled with candy and treats over for the kids becuase they weren’t participating in the door-to-door trick-or-treating. Very kind, huh?

I have typically manned the door for the costumed kids visiting our home for the past five years. We live in a neighborhood with kids and some kids would come to get candy. But for the past few years, there haven’t been so many — considering how many live in this and the surrounding neighborhoods. There were a lot more kids when I was taking our kids out for trick or treating — 10-12 years ago.

So this year, with the son out of town and a raging pandemic, my husband and I are doing the treasure hunt. Candy that we will have to help eat even though all of us are watching what we eat.

We have a pirate costume from last year that our daughter didn’t wear because she changed her mind on Halloween afternoon. She ended up going out as an intern with a pair of my old scrubs and my short white jacket. I don’t think she cares much about going door-to-door without her brother here to egg her on. But a treasure hunt still should be fun, right?.

All the same, it will be a little bit sad… no huge pile of candy to go through with the kids…

Sadly, it’s still true!

The Week Ahead

This week I will start publishing my Christmas Gift Guides for 2020. I will also upload more products including my first digital planner to my new Etsy Store!

More about that to come!

Have a lovely Sunday!

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  • Nadya

    What a sweet way to celebrate, in this unusual year!
    My daughter loves Halloween, and with three at home, iis n that same “alternate plans” dilemma! Her 9 year old girl adores Hamilton, so is going to be Eliza (and my daughter is sewing a dress!) Her brother is has a super hero costume, she got a piƱata, and they plan to cave pumpkins and watch a (not too scary) movie
    Her 15 year old girl may do something with friends (who she gets together with occasionally)

  • Kebba Buckley Button

    Dominique, you raise a few important points. We’re in a pandemic now. No homemade goodies any more. From our house, only major brand snacks in original, obviously sealed packaging; together with little sealed packets of raisins. I’m one for child safety; I hope most will go to a Halloween party sponsored by their church or other group, and stay off the streets unless your son is with them. We will probably put some candy out for whoever to pick up, then go out to dinner with friends. I love the spiritual side of Halloween and the celebration of how thin the Veil is, between us and those who are not in body. All Saints Day is right up myi street, remember those who are gone, with love and admiration and gratitude. Thanks for a delightful and thought-provoking post!

  • Martha

    I like the idea of a treasure hunt! The children have lost out in some many ways during the pandemic, they. Ant even play with their friends. Our neighborhood is setting up tables with sealed candy only. We also took Lia in a drive thru trick or treating at an outdoor mall. She had a blast!

  • Doug

    Our Church is trying to figure out how it will safely handle an All Saints Service this year.
    As for costumes in a Halloween that may not happen, I saw a picture today on Facebook of a child dressed as a ghost with a sheet over his head and holding a sign that says “Boo Sheet”.

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