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Black Friday 2020: Strategies to Shop Across Multiple Sites

If you’re like most people, you do your holiday shopping in various stores. This year, you might visit several different websites to find all the deals that you want. This takes planning just as much as going in person does.

Bookmark Your Planned Shopping Sites

Make sure that you bookmark the sites you plan to visit ahead of time. Once Black Friday hits, you’ll have to navigate multiple systems across various retailers and you’ll be too busy to search for items.

You’ll also be in a race against dwindling supplies. You don’t want to waste precious time trying to pull up the retailer, then trying to find the items that you want. Map everything out first for each site.

Scout Out Your Items

While the sales aren’t up and activated weeks ahead of time for many shops, that doesn’t mean you can’t go ahead and scout out what’s going to be there. Online retailers don’t wait until the last minute to put up all their items.

They go ahead and list them and just leave them up at the regular price until the sale event begins. So you’ll be able to go to their Black Friday sales page and check out what’s going to be offered during their deal time long before the sales event ever arrives.

Be sure to bookmark that exact item and not just the main site. This way, the second the sale does kick in, all you have to do is click and order. Put your sites on a list of what you which one you want to visit first and so on.

Gather Your Coupons or Discounts Ahead of Time

Also, if you have coupon codes or discounts that aren’t from that site, get those lined up ahead of time so you can just copy and paste them into the application box. If you don’t know where you can find these codes or discounts, most online stores will have these listed either on their site’s main page or somewhere on whichever social media site they use.

Automation Is Your Friend

Because some sites will have surprise sales during the event, if you’re juggling multiple sites, set up an automated alert so that you get notified when these online door busters go live. That way, even if you’re not on the site, you’ll still have the opportunity to go back and get something you’d like to have.

Have Your Gift Giving List Ready

Not everyone is easy to shop for no matter how great the deals are. Before the sales event happens, ask the people you plan to buy for if they can give you some ideas on what they’d like to have.

There are two reasons that you want to do this. First, you’ll be able to get the people you care about something they’ll really enjoy and will actually use. Knowing this information can help you create a winning shopping strategy.

Make a master list that has each person you plan to buy for on it. Under that person’s name, put their first choice and second choice gift ideas. Then put the amount of money that you’ve budgeted for that gift. This will help you in two ways. First, it’ll help you not overspend.

Second, if you end up spending a lot less than you anticipated, you can use the leftover money to buy something extra for that person or even a special goodie for yourself. On this master list, next to the gift you plan to get for that person, have direct links to the gift item.

Sign Up for All Sites You Plan on Shopping

Some people might suggest items from sites you hadn’t planned on visiting online. But knowing ahead of time will enable you to add the site to your map. Check out the sites that you’re not familiar with ahead of time.

While most will allow for guest checkout options, some of them will not. They want you to create an account with them first. If that’s the case, that can take away some of the time you have to battle for the best deals.

You’ll have to input your info and try to create a password. But if you have all of that filled in ahead of time, you can grab what you want ahead of other shoppers. When there are multiple sites that require you to input your sign-in information, you want have this info already gathered so that you have it on hand.

You can also use a password saver tool like RoboForm that you set up especially for Black Friday that will allow you to quickly login to all the sites you need to access.

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