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Christmas Gift Guide Round-Up

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It’s November! 2020 is FINALLY nearing its end! But before we can bid adieu to this stressful year, there’s Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Christmas season to go.

I have published several Christmas Gift Guides throughout November. But the real crunch time is now. I am going to publish a couple of round-ups of the gift guides to make them easier to access.

Here we go!

Beauty and Spa Gifts


Getting Ready for Black Friday

This year, Black Friday is going on all month for almost all stores. But there will still be a lot of activity after Thanksgiving. I have posted several posts about making Black Friday a better shopping experience for you and yours.

My Black Friday Note:

I will be having a Black Friday Sale at My Etsy Store, LTR Printables, starting on the 26th! I sell printables, journals, planners, and coloring pages. I would love if you would check it out

I hope these help you with your shopping. I will publish Round-Up number 2 on Tuesday.

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