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2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Him

Guys are fortunately pretty easy to shop for most of the time. There are many common interests shared among adult men, making it fairly simple to pick out various gifts that they’ll like and be able to show off to their friends.

I have presented some options for gifts for him in each category. Take a look!


The first thing you’ll likely find that he likes is cologne. Whether it’s his preferred brand or a brand new scent, cologne is always a great choice for a guy. Guys love smelling good, and a new cologne can make a world of difference.


If your man is handier than the rest, some new tools would really brighten up his day. Try to find him something that’s a little bit unorthodox as a tool, especially if he already has a decent collection. Men love obscure tools that serve very specific purposes.


Style is important, and some men are pretty style-conscious. If you’ve got some serious spending money, a luxury watch would really turn his head. Watches are an important accessory, especially for businessmen, so a quality one can make a big difference.

Golf Clubs

Golf is a hugely popular game among guys, even more so in recent years. Getting to spend some time outside is a huge advantage. Getting a beginner a good full set of clubs or an experienced player a brand new driver is a great gift option.

Cooking Gear

If your man is a bit of a chef, some good cooking equipment can be a thoughtful gift. Things like smokers, new chef’s knives, new grills, and so on can all make a man very happy. If he likes to cook, get him something to make his job easier.


New shoes can always get a good response out of a guy. Most guys tend to not buy new shoes for years and years at a time, under the excuse of, “I already have a pair of shoes,” but a new pair really is a must-have.

Sports Equipment

Finally, any sports equipment if he plays a sport or is athletically inclined could work out well. New basketball shoes, new hockey sticks, new cleats, or anything of that sort is perfect. Just like shoes, men tend to put off buying newer and better equipment, instead of clinging to ones from years ago that are past their time.

Here is the link for the Christmas Guide Guide Round-Up #1 and #2 from 2020. Hopefully, you can get some ideas.

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2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Him

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