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My Scars Tell My Story

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I have a lot of scars on my stomach and some on my chest.

Multiple surgeries for multiple reasons. Reminders of more challenging times and periods of fear. As well as reminders of overcoming. And of hope.

The scars tell a story — my story. I instinctively know that…it’s why I am still here.  Able to do the things I want again. Take care of my kids. Hang out with my husband.

Several are from the removal of one of my failed kidneys to make room for the transplant. One from the catheter for dialysis. And the 6-inch one curving up on the side of my belly from the transplant itself…all-important steps on my journey.

However, on vacation, I was a little nervous and self-conscious about showing my midsection.  After over 15 months of 10 liters of fluid being run into my stomach every night during peritoneal dialysis and then actual abdominal surgeries, my abdominal muscles are not particularly tight (understatement!).

Not to mention, the scars…

First, when I went to the pool, it surprised me that it mattered. At first, I didn’t think it did but there I was at the pool trying to cover things up…

I needed to be strong. To sport them with pride. No fear.

I had to have a long talk with myself – to remind myself what those scars mean.

“My scars tell a story. They are a reminder of times when life tried to break me, but failed. They are markings of where the structure of my character was welded.”

― Steve Maraboli

They do tell my story – but I have to be ready to tell my story too.

That’s what my new blog is about. It’s going to be more about me and my life. Life: The Reboot started out that way but changed into a more motivational space – which I still enjoy. The Rebooted and Realigned Mom MD blog (hereby called The Rebooted Mom MD) will include health interests (since I am an MD and all), cooking, exercising, travel, any novels I publish — basically me sharing me.

My scars tell my story. My scars make me brave.

Come hang out in my world!

Loving Life — The Reboot!


My Scars Tell My Story

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