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Staycation vs Vacation: Which Works for Your Family in this Covid-19 Era?

“The idea of having a staycation instead of vacation isn’t something new. However, in the post-Covid-19 era, families might need to rethink what kind of vacation plans will be more suitable.”

The way that the COVID-19 pandemic shifted the routine dynamics of our lives is still unbelievable and sometimes even horrifying

Take for example the case of a staycation vs a vacation.

While many things now are slowly and gradually advancing towards their normal routine, the post-COVID-19 recovery phase is still in trial mode.

As such, if you are considering the options of having a vacation as opposed to a staycation this summer season 2021, let’s discuss the best option for you.

So let’s begin finding out everything necessary about staycation vs vacation and help you have the best experience possible during the one you select.

Staycation vs Vacation – All You Need to Know

What is a staycation?

The word ‘Staycation’ can be broken into two words, ‘stay’ and ‘cation’ derived from the word ‘vacation’. Staycation has two slightly different definitions.

One describes it as time spent in your home country while engaging in domestic traveling.

The other description suggests staying at home but involving visits to local sightseeing and attractions.

What is a vacation?

Vacations, as opposed to staycations, usually involve visiting a faraway place outside of your country, whether for tourism or a visit to a loved one.

Differences between a staycation and vacation

The following set of key factors briefly explain the main differences between a staycation and a vacation.


  • They are comparatively much cheaper.
  • No need to formally plan everything. Plans are mostly spontaneous and depend on your mood.
  • No new kind of travel-related stress. You already know what to expect while riding towards your destination.
  • Very few chances of getting disappointed if you didn’t achieve what you had in mind initially. There is always a chance to redo everything.
  • No need to carry any luggage even if you plan to spend a night or two.
  • Freedom to carry your pets with you.

Vacation or traveling

  • Depending on how many members of your family are planning to travel and your destination, vacations remain an expensive thing no matter how basic your package is.
  • An average travel or vacation plan can take at least a month to plan and arrange everything. In some cases, more time might be needed. This is because there is much to research about especially when it’s your first visit to a destination, looking after your vacation budgets, arranging someone to look after your stuff, etc.
  • For some reason, if you didn’t find your vacation to be as good as you imagined, you may find yourself very disappointed, especially considering the time, money, and energy spent on it.
  • Requires carrying enough luggage to last an entire trip. In some cases, you might have to even buy extra things just for the trip, which under normal circumstances you would never need.
  • You may experience jet-lag issues. Some people are okay with it but others might need a few hours to adapt.
  • Currency issues. In some countries, forex is hard to find. There are also local and foreign currency carrying limits to adhere to while passing the immigration counter at an airport.

Benefits of choosing a staycation instead of a vacation in the post-Covid-19 era

While the concept of a staycation isn’t anything new, it is expected that more and more people in the early days of the post-pandemic or post-Covid-19 era, are likely to prefer it rather than going on a vacation.

This is probably due to the following benefits of a staycation:

Start right from where you are

As soon as the clock ticks and your working hours for the last day of work before the staycation end, you have already begun. You know what to do, where to head, who to call, etc.

No time spent on planning or quarantine

Since you aren’t traveling abroad, you won’t need to spend any time in quarantine.

There isn’t any need to formally plan or ask everyone’s opinion before going out and indulging in an activity. Just start with what seems appropriate at that time and then subsequently each family member can get to decide something from their staycation bucket list.

You remain well-prepared for the unexpected

Since it isn’t a new place you are visiting, you already know pretty much everything that could ruin a perfect outing plan during your staycation. In addition to this, you have less to worry about any unexpected events.

You never get exhausted

One of the prime reasons for a staycation is to rest and refresh your mind and body. This isn’t normally possible during a vacation as you have limited time and a bucket load of things to do.

But while on a staycation, there isn’t any need to hurry and you can fully rest and enjoy anytime you want.



While the concept of a staycation isn’t anything new, due to health concerns, it is bound to get major traction in the post-Covid-19 era. And in our honest opinion, staycations shouldn’t only be preferred for avoiding exposure to any health risks.

In reality, it is a great way to help revive your country’s economy in the post-pandemic period. So staying local and spending local should also be your priority after Covid-19.

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Staycation vs Vacation: Which Works for Your Family in this Covid-19 Era?


  • Martha

    For my family, we have been going on staycations a for years. Mainly because we’ve owned a small business and we haven’t had time to get away but we still had fun times. Since Covid we’ve seen more staycations in our tourist area which is great for the local economy. Our biggest vacation in years has been sneaking away to the mountains in NC for a night or two to refresh our minds and have a little get away time.

  • Asmae

    I like traveling and discovering new places but I believe that staycation is better especially these last years, to build strong relationships with your family. Thank you for sharing.

  • Jaime Brainerd

    Hi Dominique, I like both, but you really made staycation sound better! My family doesn’t like to get out much so I was raised on staycations. As an adult, I am vacationing all over the place. While I do like the vacations, they are fun, but like you mention can be costly and for me, I get worn out really easily. It makes sense to make things only a few days at a time that is close to home so I can rest when I need. BUT, Hawaii is calling my name next month! Aloha! Sending lots of love and gratitude. Jaime

    • Dominique

      You will love Hawaii. Still jealous LOL

      My husband says I can’t go back to Hawaii because there are other islands to see. HA HA!

  • Agnes

    Staycation for us, for now. Not until majority of the people are vaccinated and we can see that the virus tamed down. Thanks for this post.

  • Alita Pacio

    Great post here. We`ve been going on staycation and exploring the locals and small towns. It is a great way to help the community in these hard times

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