Gifts for the Lawn and Garden
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Christmas Gift Guide 2021: Gifts for the Lawn and Gardening

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Taking good care of your lawn is very important to many homeowners. They like to show that they care about the appearance of their homes, and so they don’t let their lawn get overgrown very easily. Sometimes, their homeowner’s associations require nicely cared for lawns as well. Either way, lawn care is key.

There are many lawn tools that can help keep a well-maintained lawn. If you’re shopping for a new homeowner or someone stuck with their old technology, a fresh lawnmower is a great option.

Lawn Mowers

These can range considerably in price, from inexpensive electric and gas push mowers up to rather pricey zero-point turn mowers. For most people’s lawns, a nice push mower with a self-propel function can do the job just fine.

There are all different kinds of energy sources for them, from gas-powered engines to corded and cordless electric ones. Electric-powered mowers have become more popular in recent years due to the lack of any oil changes or filling up on gas.

Lawn Care Accessories

What most people really need when it comes to lawns is accessory tools. Most people have a mower to get the bulk of their lawn done, but things like weed-whackers and edge trimmers really bring a lawn to life.

These are used for more detailed work, such as getting right up against fences and along sidewalks and driveways, ensuring the lawn looks clean-cut and professional all the time.

In that same vein, a leaf blower can work wonders on the time it takes to clean up a lawn, especially after it’s been mowed. If you’re still relying on just a rake, a new leaf blower can help save you the time and trouble it takes to get the lawn clippings and leaves up off the ground.

Indoor Gardens

For an avid gardener, on the other hand, these power tools aren’t so interesting. If you know someone who’s interested in gardening, you might consider getting them an indoor hydroponic garden.

These allow you to grow plants inside your home easily, which is especially useful in kitchens to consistently have fresh herbs available. They have their own light and water sources, so you don’t need to worry about how much sunlight they’re getting and you only need to refill the water every so often.


If you want an inexpensive gift for an outdoor gardener, you might consider a good hygrometer. These can tell you how dry or wet the soil is, keying a gardener in on when they should water and when they shouldn’t.

These can be bought with other built-in functions as well, such as sunlight and pH detection, allowing a gardener to get even more information on their soil conditions. Soil acidity and moisture are key to good gardening, so these can be very helpful.

Are you in charge of your lawn care at your home? What’s your favorite lawn care tool?

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Christmas Gift Guide 2021: Gifts for the Lawn and Gardening


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