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Help Kids Spread Peace

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Do you wish and hope that your children will grow up to lead happy, successful, and peaceful lives? There have probably been a few projects at school and within your community where kids focus on how to be peaceful during the Christmas season.

But what about living peacefully at ordinary moments of our lives?

Our kids learn best through example and by way of real-life experiences. Help to guide them toward a peaceful way of being so that they may recognize peace in their adult lives, and welcome peacefulness when it arrives.

Below, a few tips on teaching kids how to share peace with others.

Show kids that common courtesy never goes out of style.

Courteous actions that help us enjoy peace in small but meaningful ways include saying hello and goodbye, looking people in the eye… thanking the customer for their business… wishing family members a good night. Letting people know if you’re going to be late, waiting for the host to sit before starting to eat, and other common practices of good manners all lend a feeling of respect and courtesy, which helps promote peaceful feelings in our daily lives.

Teach children that there is a time to defend your point and a time to stay quiet.

Arguing can be productive but it must be done in a way that is not hurtful. When debates come up in your real-life situations, show kids that it pays to keep a cool head and refrain from name-calling, blaming, and issuing insults. You can also show your children that it’s okay to defend your point intelligently but there are also times when it’s better to back away from conflict.

Help kids find ways to spread peace by being kind to others.

Lead by example. When you’re out and about, say hello and smile at people in passing. Hold the door open for someone else. Offer a kind gesture to a stranger; buy a coffee for the person in line behind you.

Teach children how to be peacekeepers and peacemakers.

If others are getting into a squabble, help each person see the other side and reach a peaceful compromise. If something unfair is happening, take a stand against injustice. If a friend feels left out, find a way to include them. Take turns, share your toys, and open your heart to a friend’s troubles. These are all wonderful ways to extend peace to others in ordinary yet meaningful ways.

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Help Kids Spread Peace


  • Kelly

    Manners, love, courtesy. All such valuable behaviors to instill within our children to ensure a good future.
    Thank you for sharing with us on the Homestead Blog Hop.

    • Dominique

      Very true — they are our future. Everyone doesn’t always see the importance of teaching peace in our current environment! I enjoyed the blog hop and will be back!

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