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My Favorite Fall Television Shows

I’m an odd television watcher.

I have the television on all day because I hate silence while I’m working. Which means I can see a TV program without “seeing” it. I can keep it moving with the TV on in the background. Due to that, I do like going back and watching a series all the way through. I can miss parts of the show while I’m on my computer!

And with streaming, I have become a fan of show binging.

I adapt to the times!

I do have some current shows that I enjoy watching (not always live – Hulu is a great aid in this!). I love waiting for the new shows and season premieres! For the new television shows, this is my current opinion based on the limited episodes that have aired.

New Television Shows for 2019-2020

Prodigal Son

I was intrigued by the concept of this show – a profiler who is the son of a serial killer. I’m a sucker for cool advertising campaigns – I bought my first car based on the seductiveness of the Chevy commercials and Jimmy Hendrix music! Anyway, I have watched the first three episodes and I’m a fan! It’s quirky, creepy, and a little funny.

The back story of the show is where I think the show will either sink or swim. The profiler has recurring nightmares about one of his father’s crimes but both his father (in a weird type of prison) and his mother (who supposedly didn’t know what her husband was doing) keep telling him that he didn’t see anything. What did he see? What his mother involved? What the profiler involved as a child?

See? I have questions!

Almost Family

I watched the series premiere last week. Honestly, if I wasn’t so intrigued by the premise, I might have run away! A well-renowned fertility specialist used his own stuff to create an unknown (as of now) number of babies in his clinic. Two of those children move in with the daughter of the specialist (one woman was a childhood friend of the daughter and the other is a social media influencer). Sadly, the characters did not come off as sympathetic in this situation. Kind of whiny, kind of annoying… I will hang in for now, but they have to step it up!

Hmmm…What About Returning Television Shows?

And that’s it! Sad huh? 

No other new shows got my attention this fall. I do have some returning shows that I still watch. I’ll watch them until the bitter end – like Scandal (and the end was bitter)!

Grey’s Anatomy

My medical soap opera.  I just want to see what happens on this television show whenever it ends. I don’t love any storyline or any particular character. It’s simply good background TV.

How to Get Away with Murder (Final Season)

I loved the first two seasons of this show and slogged through the next three. The cases for the later seasons were less compelling, I think. This season has started off quite good, so I’m happy. I love Viola Davis, so I’ll stick around until she leaves!

Empire (Final Season)

The first season of Empire was such a juggernaut. There was no way to continue that trajectory. The later seasons were not as engrossing – entertaining, yes — but not quite watercooler television. With last year’s off the air drama, Empire’s TV content hasn’t been as newsworthy as what was in the news.

This season so far has been odd. Most of the scenes have not had the Lyon family together which is when the show is the most interesting. Unfortunately for me, I’m a completist so I will watch it all until the end.

Hawaii 5-0

It’s Hawaii, I love Hawaii. The scenery is beautiful! Also, it’s mostly lighthearted so it’s a perfect Friday night appetizer. I’ve seen all episodes and I can watch them over and over again without getting annoyed. I only watched a few episodes of the original show that I can remember. This show leads into..

Magnum PI

I didn’t watch the original version at all (the theme music remains amazing!) but this reboot is fun to me! It’s the perfect Hawaii chaser to Hawaii 5 0. It’s even lighter than 5-0 which is good for Friday viewing.

I am really a sucker for any Island/Beach viewing: Hawaii 5-0, Magnum PI, Hawaii Hunters, Hawaii Life, Caribbean Life, Bahamas Life, and Mexico Life. I record and watch them all.

My family laughs at me.

I know it seems like a lot of TV. But I really have the TV on all day even if I am doing something else. Oh well, let’s see if something else catches my fancy as the year goes on.

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My Favorite Fall Television Shows

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