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Halloween: 5 Cool Pumpkin Decorations

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Pumpkins have become synonymous with Halloween over the years. Carving pumpkins and creating Jack O’ Lanterns has now become an annual tradition for many people. In this article, I’m going to be listing five pumpkin-inspired Halloween decorations. You can use these during Halloween to ensure that your celebrations fully acknowledge this orange vegetable.

Department 56 Halloween Water Tower

This Department 56 Halloween Water Tower is an eye-catching yard decoration that’s 11 inches tall. This decoration is sure to make an impression with your arriving guests. It features a smiling orange pumpkin sitting on top of a detailed brown water tower. To complete the scene, there is a built-to-scale ladder and an ‘Annual Pumpkin Festival Sign’. It also features an artificial grass base with four more miniature carved pumpkins.

Fairy Pumpkin Cottage Halloween House for Your Garden

This Fairy Pumpkin Cottage Halloween House for Your Garden is 7.5 inches tall. This resembles a highly detailed brown, green, and orange pumpkin cottage. The cottage is hand-painted with a weather-resistant finish and is sculpted to an extremely high standard. It’s a wonderful decoration to have in your yard on October 31st which is both subtle and nice to look at.

Glow in the Dark Fang Pumpkin Teeth

If you’re a fan of carving pumpkins, these Glow in the Dark Fang Pumpkin Teeth is the perfect way to finish off your creation. The set features 7 pieces with teeth of varying size. Also, as the description suggests, they glow brightly in the dark. In addition to this, they are fully reusable and can be placed in your Halloween pumpkins year after year.

Smiling Paper Pumpkins Halloween Hanging Lantern Set

This Smiling Paper Pumpkins Halloween Hanging Lantern Set comes with three 16-inch paper lanterns. Each lantern features a smiley face. In addition, each lantern comes with a metal wire that allows you to easily hang it from the ceiling. The lanterns look great when placed in direct light and illuminate with a nice orange glow. However, they look equally good on their own. At less than $16 for the set, they’re a brilliant budget Halloween decoration.

Toland Home Garden Pumpkin Hollow House Garden Flag

This Toland Home Garden Pumpkin Hollow House Garden Flag is a detailed, colorful and long-lasting yard decoration. It’s available in two sizes (12.5-inches by 18-inches and 28-inches by 40-inches). The flag is constructed from durable 600 denier polyester. The image on the flag portrays a white house set against a dark night sky with a white crescent moon. This scene is behind a yard full of smiling carved pumpkins.

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