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My Favorite Horror (Scary) Movies

During Blogtober, I have seen several posts other bloggers have written about their favorite Halloween movies. While reading those posts, I realized that I hadn’t seen many of those movies – but I have seen quite a few horror movies. Usually at some other time of year!

So, I don’t have a lot of Halloween movies to draw from — I think I missed out on something along the way. Here they are!


Some horror movies become known for their special effects. Others find a following because of its odd and shocking scenes of blood and gore. Alien could have done it all in one simple line. “In space, no one can hear you scream.”

My father had told me about Alien before I saw it. He saw it with some coworkers while on a business trip to Canada. The one scene that everyone has heard about stuck with him and his friends. People running out of the theater – stuff like that! If my tough dad was shocked by the movie, it was something I needed to see.

Alien was able to combine the terror of Jaws (another of my favorites) with the frontier of Star Trek. However, I love the action that the Aliens sequel adds on top of the terror. I will stop and watch Aliens every time I come across it on TV. The others in the series are less interesting to me – the first two are perfection to me.


I realized how much I liked this movie when I went to see the remake in 1998. I started comparing in my head the differences, and the remake came up super short.  Even though the original is old, I think it holds up well as far as a psychological horror movie goes.

At the time of the movie’s making, Alfred Hitchcock was already a world-famous writer and director in the thriller genre. The making of Psycho forever changed the horror/thriller landscape in America and cemented Hitchcock, its actors, and the series a place in cinema history.

That shower scene! I spent a few months peeking around shower curtains…


Surprise! I do like some of the newer horror movies!

My cousin and I stumbled into watching Scream when it was showing at the $1 theater (yes, those existed in the 1990s!). We hadn’t heard about it and didn’t know what a phenomenon it was. I think we got a great deal with both the movie and the popcorn costing only a dollar and the movie being so good.

It’s not often that a true slasher film can get away with also being a parody about the unaware teenagers of past horror movies. Yet Scream does all of this. As a tribute to the genre, Wes Craven was able to mix the two perfectly so that the movie was both scary and allowed the modern teenager (and young adult) to relate with the characters better.

While they were still managed to get themselves in bad situations, these teens had infinitely better wisecracks than those teens in the 70s and 80s.

Shaun of the Dead

Oh, Shaun of the Dead! How I enjoy you! Shaun, how dense but loveable are you? I found this one on one of the premium networks (if you notice, I don’t go to the movies all that often!). It has broad comedy which no one in my family enjoys as much as me so I generally watch it alone.

It’s not too often that a true satire filled with comedy and wit can achieve the amount of fright that’s present in Shaun of the Dead. However, the movie accomplishes this and perfectly balances both so that the horror fan can truly enjoy the movie. There’s a lot of gore in this horror/comedy and it’s a little bit over the top. However, the frights and jumps are as authentic as many pure horror films.

The ridiculousness of the situation and their reactions make me laugh every time. Of course, I do recognize that if I had to rely on Shaun to save me from zombies, I’m probably in a bad way!


This list would not be complete without a mention of that horrifying shark!

I actually saw Jaws 2 first. I know, I know — it was a pretty bad movie and should have made me not want to see anything related to Jaws again (that would have happened if I had seen Jaws 3-D first!). My parents thought I was too young to see Jaws when it came out. But the original Jaws was re-released when I was a little older so I did get to see it in the movie theater. I loved it — the bad taste from Jaws 2 was gone!

The back story about the movie is almost as interesting as the movie. The reason we didn’t see the shark until the end was because the shark model they built didn’t work. Steven Spielberg decided that not seeing the shark would be more suspenseful — and he was right!

This is another movie I will stop to watch anytime I see it on TV.

I Need an Update on My Horror Movies…

After writing this, I realize that I need to check out some of the newer horror movies to see what’s happening these days. My list contains a bunch of old movies. And the next tier of favorites is old too. What’s happening in horror today?

I am trying not to be that old (wo)man shouting at clouds!

I am not that old, but you know what I mean!

Blogtober Day 24

horror movies

I can’t believe that I have posted every day for almost one month! I have enjoyed it so much I am going to keep up the momentum.

Last year, I published a 30 Days of Thanks series in a Pinterest Community with mixed success. In light of that, I’m going to publish it again during November on my blog. In fact, there’ll also be a free Workbook that goes along with the posts that you can download. It’s a perfect time to look at all the things we should be grateful for.

I will post the link this weekend. I hope you enjoy it!

Loving Life — The Reboot!


My Favorite Horror (Scary) Movies

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