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Have an Indoor Picnic

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Who says that a picnic has to be outdoors? It is typical, yes, that picnics will be outdoors but it is not set in stone. What if it rains or one person in the family is under the weather? What if there is a pandemic? There’s no need to cancel your fun in these instances. Instead have the picnic inside. With July being National Picnic Month, I thought this would be a useful topic!

Here are some ideas for hosting an indoor picnic.

Set the Indoor Picnic Scene

Whatever the reason you are indoors for the picnic, it can be just as much fun as it would be if it was being held outdoors. Start the fun by setting the scene. Will the setting be a picnic on the beach or a family picnic in the park? The choice is yours.

To start, clear a space in the middle of the room that will be used for the picnic. The living room is the usual spot but the family room or the den may be more ideal in your home. Spread out a big blanket for everyone to sit on. In a beach scene setting, each person can have their own blanket or towel to sit on.

At the beach you have sand and umbrellas and bathing suits. Since you are indoors, participants may want to opt for shorts instead of swimsuits, but you can still have the rest more or less. Spread plastic seashells, buckets, and shovels around the room. Attach big colorful sun pictures to the walls on a rainy day to liven up the picnic.

Romance Can Be on the Menu

Indoor picnics can be intimate occasions as well. When the kids are small it may not be feasible to sneak away for an outdoor picnic. Wait until they are asleep and steal away into the living room for a romantic picnic for two. Some examples of setting the scene for a romantic picnic indoors include using candlelight to set the mood instead of the setting sun or playing a CD of ocean sounds to replicate the beach. Also, don’t forget a chocolate-y treat or two for your rendezvous!

Utilize the Kitchen to Full Advantage

indoor picnic

One advantage of an indoor picnic is the kitchen facilities. There is no preplanning other than making sure that you have the food you want to eat available in the fridge. Grill steaks, hotdogs, hamburgers, and chicken on an indoor grill top or in a grilling skillet. Even cleanup can wait until the next day if you want.

No Bugs Please

The best part about an indoor picnic is the fact that there are no bugs or noise ordinances. You can sing, play music, laugh, and have a ball all night long in the comfort of your own home and no one will bother you.

Indoor picnics don’t have to be boring or corny. Treat it just like a picnic outside in the fresh air. Serve up festive fare and have games to pass the time. Even at home, somehow, food tastes better when eaten on a blanket. Give it a try tonight.

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