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Sunday Musings

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This week has been quite the stressful one!

Anxiously watching the election results as they dragged on and on and on…

On top of school at home for my daughter. For children with special needs, this current arrangement for education is even more less than ideal. My daughter is staying — mainly because we don’t really believe that she would always cooperate with social distancing and masking…

She doesn’t fully understand why it’s important. Plus is she brought COVID home to me, it would be very VERY ugly.

Kidney transpalnt/immunosuppressed…

So she has to stay home. I feel bad because right now, she is learning little in school. Everyone is very nice but she typically has paraprofessionals helping her stay focused. We aren’t that…

And her theater teacher is a nice guy. But it’s …not helpful at all. In middle school, my kid loved theater because the teachers were able to find what she could do in the class and let her participate. This year, while I suspect it would be better if everyone was in class, the teacher is giving her the exact same assignments that everyone else gets. He just wants her to “try”…

She has trouble with reading comprehension. When you give her an assignment identifying the internal motivation of a character… so she learns nothing.

It’s frustrating.

We have hired our old tutor again and our daughter is getting outside speech lessons. We work with her too. But again, a lost year for school.

This week: More Christmas gift guides and more items in my Etsy Store. I will have several planners for 2021 — digital and paper loaded soon!

Loving Life — The Reboot!


Sunday Musings

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