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The Top 5 Zen Spiritual Gifts

The term ”zen” is a state of calm. You can achieve it through meditation, self-contemplation, and intuition. Zen gifts are perfect for spiritual people or for people who want to be more spiritual. A Zen gift can make a recipient feel great, bringing them peace and comfort.

1. Zen Wall Decoration

Your home is where you spend most of the day, and the goal is to make yourself feel comfortable there. Although Zen decorations make a home beautiful, they can also increase spirituality. They can also encourage harmony.

Wall hangings are a great gift. Motifs like:

Stacked Stones

A Lotus Blossom

or The Face of Buddha

make great Zen art pieces. The art piece serves as a persistent reminder for its owner to slow down and enjoy each day.

For the lovers of more intriguing visual art, the perfect present is a Wooden Hamsa wall decor.

The Hamsa Hand is an ancient Middle Eastern amulet and serves as protection. This wall decor should bring good luck.

Yin Yang art has a natural feel and look. It adds balance and harmony to the house.

2. Zen Rock Gardens and Sand Gardens

Zen rock and sand gardens are miniatures of traditional Zen gardens. They are ideal for decoration (and for use) of a living room, bedroom, or even a workspace.

Zen Rock Garden

Zen Sand Garden

The sand set contains a wooden container and the salt grains, while the rock one contains stone and sand. Both come with a little rake to use to relieve stress.

3. Zen Chimes

Zen chimes come made from a wooden frame and five silver aluminum rods. Chimes are often tuned to G-A-C-D-EB notes, creating a harmonious and gentle yet full sound.

It brings a sense of calm and is ideal for practicing meditation for use at the beginning of the session.

4. Zen Apparel

Zen apparel on clothes, a mug, a pillow, or a ceramic ornament is a gift for those who like to live their beliefs. The design varies from minimalist zen signs to humoristic ones.

Zen tank Zen Mug

Zen Pillow Zen Floor Pillow

5. Zen Books

Books are always a good gift because they give both entertainment and knowledge. Zen books show readers how to control their thoughts to reach happiness. One of the most popular is Zen And the Art of Happiness by Chris Prentiss.

You can combine Zen gifts with other passions such as a passion for travel and motorcycles. One of the best sellers is the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig.

Through his book, Pirsig shares the emotional side of traveling. The book follows his through his journey on a motorcycle across the country.

Hopefully, You can find some ideas for the zen person in your life!

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The Top 5 Zen Spiritual Gifts

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