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Spiritual Wellness for Healthier and Happier Humans

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When was the last time you thought about your spiritual wellness?

Perhaps it was when you went to church last weekend or did a yoga workshop last year. Spiritual wellness involves personal exploration and finding ways to connect to the “bigger picture”- the energies and powers that move us.

What Is Spiritual Wellness?

What spiritual wellness refers to specifically; however, is integrating our beliefs and values with our actions. A sense of purpose, direction, and awareness are important, as is being able to spend time alone in a healthy setting. Realizing what we value, right vs. wrong, and our place and responsibilities in the world take some thought and discussion.

How Can You Improve Spiritual Development?

Working on Your Purpose

Some practice spiritual wellness through service- by volunteering and helping others. Others find a calling by sharing their wisdom with others; as a pastor, personal speaker, or devoted minister. When we discuss spiritual wellness, we need only to bring to mind the word, purpose. What do you feel is your purpose in life? Do you feel fulfilled in your work, personal life, and relationships? Each of these answers creates a route on the map toward greater spiritual wellness.

Meditation and Breathing

However, practicing spiritual wellness may also be as simple as taking a moment each day to connect with gratitude or your deeper self. Meditation and breathing techniques can be very useful to nurturing a spiritual practice and can be done from a cozy corner in your own home. Reading about world religions or studying philosophical texts are also enlightening on the spiritual path.

Communing with Nature

Nature is another way people have connected to the spiritual world for ages. Recognizing the beauty and likeness in a flower, tree, bird or butterfly is awe-inspiring. Feeling the sun on your face, the waves roll up over your feet, or witnessing a spectacular mountaintop view can be breathtaking and enlivening, a truly spirit-filled experience.


Whatever your path to spiritual development, let it be personal, inspiring, and never-ending. A healthy, actualization of self and beyond is a healthy part of every stage of life; birth, death, and everything in between.

Loving Life — The Reboot!



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Spiritual Wellness for Healthier and Happier Humans


  • Kuntala

    Spiritual wellness is so important to our everyday lives. I see so many posts about physical wellbeing, but I don’t see as many about simply nurturing the spirit.

  • Ivan M. Jose

    I do believe in the benefits brought by spiritual wellness. It’s always refreshing to be reminded that spirituality goes beyond religion, and that nature contributes to its strength.

  • Carrie Ann

    I agree that spiritual wellness is so important to our well-being! I especially enjoy finding it in nature – a quiet walk in the woods or stroll along the beach always leaves me feeling balanced and peaceful.

  • Jasmine Gagarin

    Nothing can be more timely than this. I was just trying my best for the past week to have some much needed reboot. I think there really is a need to just pause and ponder on our purpose.

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