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Christmas Gift Guide 2021: Gifts for Friends and Coworkers

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When it comes to friends and coworkers, buying gifts can always be a bit confusing. You might not know their interests very well, and you’re not sure how much money to spend exactly.

Luckily, there are gifts that are more relevant to your mutual job than their interests, so you don’t have to worry about getting them something they won’t like. They’re also inexpensive, but without being so cheap that it’s insulting.

Coffee Mugs of All Types

One easy option is a coffee mug of some type. If your coworker is a real coffee lover, then a large mug can allow them to hold a bunch of coffee at once. You can also get insulated mugs that keep their coffee warm throughout the day.

Gift Cards

While it’s a bit of a cop-out, you can get away in some instances with just getting them a gift card. If it’s for a coworker that you don’t know too well or a friend you’re not overly familiar with, this can be a fine gift. Just select the appropriate amount to place on the card based on your office limits.

Desk Decor

If you work an office job, then getting your coworkers some desk décor and gadgets can help them spruce up their workplace. There are tons of different things to decorate and use on desks, to fit any interest you might find.

For the scientifically inclined or interested, there are many neat little physics-based gadgets for desks that are readily available. For example, Newton’s Cradles are small and can demonstrate inertia, a great gift for anyone who likes things like that.

If someone in your office loves having things organized and in order, some unique little organizational décor could be a great gift for them. Something they’re likely missing is a cable organizer, something to keep things like phone chargers and other cables in line.

Adult Fidget Toys

Many desk jobs can often involve waiting or thinking, so many desk gadgets involve some kind of fidgeting action so that your hands can keep working while you let your mind wander elsewhere.

These fidgeting toys can come in tons of different shapes, sizes, and varieties. Some involve magnets, others just let your hands keep moving, and so on. They’ve been shown to help with stress relief, something everyone could certainly use.

Office Massagers

If someone’s sitting in a chair all day long, getting them a heated massage tool would probably benefit them greatly. These can be used to help back and neck pain, something many people get when they’re stationary all day long.

These devices feature kneading actions combined with light heat and are usually applied to the neck or lower back. The combination of the two allows them to get a massage at any time, even if they’re still working.

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Christmas Gift Guide 2021: Gifts for Friends and Coworkers


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