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30 Thankful Days: Consideration of the Beauty of Life

Welcome to the 30 Days Thankful Series. This series is designed to serve as a joyful reflection on the beauty of life.

Past Thankful Days History

As a matter of fact, I ran this series last year in a Pinterest Group to mixed success. This year, I am going to run it on my blog to give more people the chance to read it and participate.

Correspondingly, there is so much to be grateful for, not just around the Thanksgiving table, but every day of our lives. Even the most ordinary moments can fill us with joy if we take time to acknowledge the earnest in the commonplace or the small miracles all around us that can slip by in a blink if we aren’t paying attention.

Who Is This For?

Who can benefit from focusing on all the reasons to give daily thanks?

  • Anyone who may be struggling to identify the positives
  • Anyone who feels that a pessimistic attitude is currently preventing their success
  • Anyone who might feel as though the cup of their emotions can use a refill
  • Anyone who might find themselves drowning in the details of their lives right now
  • Anyone who can use a boost of optimism
  • Anyone who would like to share their appreciation for life with their friends and loved ones
  • Anyone who needs a little extra peace in his or her soul
  • Anyone who’s currently caught up in the superficialities of life and who wants to go a little deeper
  • Anyone who needs a reminder of why we’re here and why it matters
  • Anyone who would like to use the power of positivity to improve their outlook, their relationships, and their life.

Bottom Line…

This exercise isn’t meant to be a cover-up for life’s problems. It’s a celebration of where we’ve been and where we’re going. 

Equally important, this “Thankful Days Series” can help us honor the beauty in imperfection that is our world. Nothing’s perfect, and releasing the need for “oughts” and “shoulds” can be freeing.

This series can invigorate us with a renewed sense of purpose as we move forward with putting plans in motion and making our dreams come to life.

It’s the Season…

Loving Life — The Reboot!


30 Thankful Days: Consideration of the Beauty of Life

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