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What to Do When You Don’t Have Supportive Employers or Managers

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Working from home can be a real struggle when you aren’t used to it. However, it can be made wore when you don’t have supportive employers or managers.

During difficult times, it is crucial employers are transparent and supportive with their employees. So, what can you do if yours isn’t?

Here, you’ll discover some of the key steps you can take if you feel you aren’t being fully supported.

Let them know how you feel


The first step you should take if you feel your employer or manager isn’t being supportive, is to talk to them. This can be intimidating, but your employer may not even realize how you feel.

It’s a good idea to write down what you want to say. Try and think of ways you feel they could be more supportive too. They may ask you what you’d like them to do or how they could help so having a list available will be useful.

Team up with other coworkers

If you don’t get anywhere after talking to your employer, it’s worth teaming up with your coworkers. Chances are, they are being treated in the same manner.

There is a lot of power in numbers. So, if your coworkers are also experiencing the same issues, you’ll stand a better chance of changing how you are being treated if you stand together.

Again, try and talk to your employer together, or if that fails try and speak to someone higher up in the company.

Talk to HR if you need to

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While your manager is usually the person you talk to when you experience problems, you can also speak to HR. If you are experiencing an issue with your employer, they are the people you should turn to first.

There will be policies which need to be followed and it’s the HR teams’ job to make sure they are implemented. So, any issues need to be reported to them as quickly as possible.

Consider a new job search

If all else fails and your employer still isn’t being supportive, it could be worth seeking new employment. In the current economic situation that may sound impossible. However, if you’re at home it’s never been a better time to search for alternative employment.



The pandemic won’t last forever. When it’s over, do you really want to continue to work for a company that doesn’t support you? Consider taking online courses too if you need to top up your skills. This will make you more employable once you’re ready to make the switch.

Nobody should have to deal with an unsupportive manager or employer. Remember, the current situation is temporary, and there is lots of support available online. Follow the advice above and if you feel your employer is breaking the law or putting you at risk, don’t hesitate to take your complaint further.

Pro Tip: Remember that this is your employment and to maintain decor and respect with your bosses and HR. You don’t want to give them a reason to relieve them of your duties completely.

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