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All About Potatoes: National Potato Lovers Day

While potatoes may not have all of the healthy goodness of a bunch of kale most of us still have a love affair with the potato!

There are so many tasty dishes that can be made with potatoes and today is a perfect day to celebrate them since it’s National Potato Lovers Day as well as National Potato Lovers Month!

A Potato History

The potato is the 4th largest crop in the world behind rice, wheat, and corn. The Inca Indians first grew potatoes between 8000 BC to 5000 BC. In 1536, the Spanish conquistadors conquered Peru, discovered the potato, and took it back to Europe.

It took a while for the potato to make it around Europe — Sir Walter Raleigh grew them in Ireland first. However, some farmers and others realized that potatoes were pretty easy to grow and provided enough nutrients to keep people alive. You could also feed 10 people per acre of taters.

Sounds like a good reason to grow them, huh?

Some Potato Lovers’ Recipes to Celebrate the Month

I have shared several different potato recipes on this blog over the past 18 months.

Starting with breakfast:

Potato, Sausage, and Broccoli Breakfast Casserole

breakfast casserole

With potatoes, sausage, broccoli, cheese, and eggs, this casserole is sure to please!

Slow Cooker Southwestern Breakfast Casserole

southwest casserole

This is another breakfast casserole — made in a slow cooker and with a southwestern flair!

Potatoes are great in soups and very versatile. Here are two soup recipes.



This soup is typically served cold during the warmer months.

Chunky Bacon Potato Soup

chunky bacon potato soup

This is a different type of potato soup with big luscious chunks of potato.

Potato as the Star

Tri-Color Roasted Rosemary Potatoes

rosemary potatoes

A really lovely side dish for a family meal — I love the colors!

And my favorite of all –

Loaded Stuffed Potato

loaded stuffed potato

I love stuffed baked potatoes — the cheese, chives, bacon, and everything! Yum!

You now have several recipes to choose from to enjoy the beauty of the potato. If you make any of these recipes, please post in the comments!

Enjoy your day!

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All About Potatoes: National Potato Lovers Day

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