journaling for kids and teens
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How Kids and Teens Can Start Journaling

Once you understand the benefits of journaling for kids and teens, it is time to figure out how to actually introduce it and add it to their routine. Luckily, this is the easy part! Here are some simple ways to get your kids and teens to start writing in a journal.

Get Them Supplies They LOVE to Use

journaling for kids and teens

To start with – the supplies you get for journaling is an important decision to make! Try to involve them in buying the journal, writing utensils, and other supplies. The supplies are probably going to be a little different depending on the age of your kids.

For the younger kids, lots of art supplies, pens that are easy for their hands to grasp, and a bigger space for writing is going to be better. Older kids and pre-teens often prefer something a little more simplistic, like a standard notebook or journal, with their choice of pens. Teenagers are often similar, though might prefer a journal that is more sophisticated, like a leather-bound one.

For Kids – Making it Fun Makes All the Difference

journaling for kids and teens

Kids want to have fun with this activity, so it’s important that you make it different than homework or other chores you require of them. Turn it into something they love to do and look forward to by making it as fun as possible.

Some kids might prefer you to join in, so you can use this time to bond with your child and write in your own journal as they write in theirs. You can give them fun writing prompts, put on some music, or decorate their journaling space. Get creative and have fun, and always involve your kids in the process.

For Teens – Focus on Creating a Tech-Free Routine

journaling for kids and teens

Teenagers are going to strive when they can be creative, but you also want to make this a tech-free environment. Don’t let your teenagers use their journal on their computer! Pen and paper is going to be way more beneficial for this type of practice.

Think about your teen’s daily routine and when journaling might fit in. Maybe encourage them to write in it in the morning before school, or in the afternoon after they are finished with their homework.

Provide Writing Prompts

journaling for kids and teens

Writing prompts are an easy way to give your kids and teens ideas of what to write about. There are prompts for different ages, which is important because younger kids won’t be able to use a writing prompt meant for a young adult.

Do your kids keep a journal? Write any tips you have in the comments!

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