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Tips for Thanksgiving Vegetable Sides

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This post is all about Thanksgiving side dishes. First some tips for eco-friendly side dishes, then some healthy side dishes, and some vegan side dishes. Hopefully, all this info will help you when choosing and making your sides for the holidays!

Eco-Friendly Sides Tips

Thanksgiving sides

If you want to ensure that your side dishes are eco-friendly, start with buying all your produce locally and in-season when you can. It may help you to determine what to serve by looking at what is available and in season at that time. Then plan your meal. Here are some other tips to ensure that what you make is eco-friendly for Thanksgiving.

  1. Roast Them – If you are cooking something else like a turkey in the oven, go ahead and use the oven at the same time to roast some veggies. Any fall veggies will roast well while the turkey is cooking. Try parsnips, winter squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, onions, potatoes, and other root veggies.
  2. Less Is More – Instead of having a lot of sides, choosing exactly what you will have and making it extra special will save time, money and be eco-friendlier due to using less energy. Try to make the sides that your family loves but don’t make something just because it’s tradition if no one likes it.
  3. Highlight One Item – Thanksgiving is often known for its overly flavored and rich food, but you can make things very special by keeping them limited. For example, if you find some snap beans, you can cook them in less than 30 minutes simply with few ingredients. Just beans, salt, garlic, a little lemon, and butter will taste divine and look good too if you cook them fast and take them out while they’re bright green.
  4. Heat in Microwave – Some veggies that you aren’t going to do much seasoning to and don’t need to brown, you can cook in the microwave very quickly and easily. The microwave saves energy, but studies show that it also keeps the vitamins in your food.
  5. Use the Grill – Another way to cook some veggies is on the grill. For example, grilled asparagus is a wonderful side that will fit right in at Thanksgiving dinner. You don’t even need much to make it – just a little oil, lemon, salt, and garlic and then grill for just a few minutes.
  6. Mashed Potatoes – If you’re making gravy of any kind, you need a place to put the gravy. What could be better than mashed potatoes – the perfect easy-to-make Thanksgiving side dish? You can even roast the potatoes first in the oven instead of boiling.
  7. Use Your Instant Pot or Slow Cooker – Depending on the time factor, both these appliances use less energy than your stove and oven. Consider cooking a few of your sides in small slow cookers or larger servings in the instant pot. For example, you can cook potatoes for mashed potatoes fast in the instant pot.

The main thing to know about eco-friendly side dishes for your Thanksgiving dinner is to keep it simple. The fewer ingredients that you use in your side dishes, the better for you and the better for the environment. The less time something takes to cook is also better, so easy and simple is the name of the game on Thanksgiving.

Healthy Side Dishes

side dishes

As people learn more about the importance of nutrition, and what it means to actually eat healthy food, a new movement towards the modification of meals has become very popular. Families and individuals looking for more healthy food have given rise to more healthy side dishes. Are you one of the people looking to make this switch? Then the following side dishes will be perfect for you, as they are delicious and great for Thanksgiving and other holidays!

  • Carrot Fries with Parmesan
  • Roasted Green Beans
  • Low-Fat Potato Soup
  • Harvest Soup

Check out the post to get more details!

Vegan Meal Options

vegan diet

During the holidays, one of the best aspects is getting to enjoy time with your family and friends. This often includes preparing a meal for people with different food preferences, including those on a vegan diet. Here are three meal ideas that are completely plant-based, so any guests who are on a vegan diet can have delicious options available.

  • Kale Salad
  • BBQ Brussels Broccoli Side Dish
  • Shepherd’s Pie

I hope these ideas give you some ideas for making this year’s Thanksgiving dinner the best ever that everyone can enjoy! What sides do you like to make for Thanksgiving? Tell us in the comments!

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Tips for Thanksgiving Vegetable Sides


    • Dominique

      When I was a kid, this was our big holiday. Everyone gathered in the same place — some really great memories! Thanksgiving is much smaller now but I still remember. We don’t have mashed potatoes at our dinner — sweet potatoes maybe! LOL

  • Laurie

    These are some wonderful ideas!
    I especially like your recommendations (links) for vegan options. We eat vegan and Thanksgiving is still a feast!

    Thanks so much fir this!

    You are welcome to come and share your post this week at the Homestead Blog Hop! We are especially highlighting Thanksgiving ideas!

    Ridge Haven Homestead
    Homestead Blog Hop

  • Jeanine Byers

    I like the idea of roasting the veggies while the turkey is in the oven, and of having roasted green beans. And I always only choose a few sides. But I used to do more when my mom was alive and was part of our Thanksgiving. Now it’s just me and my son, and he only cres about stuffing, and sweet potato souffle, so we often have that, plus turkey breast and apple pie.

    • Dominique

      Our meal generally isn’t that big since it’s just the 4 of us most of the time. Sometimes we eat next door. Then it turns into a really big meal.

      Honestly, my son doesn’t like turkey so we end up with a lot of leftovers since he is the eating machine around here. LOL However, the turkey is a big deal for me and my husband so there is always a turkey. My husband and I disagree about stuffing vs dressing and I can’t make it like my mom… But it’s still a great day!

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