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Don’t Feel Guilty About Wanting a Fresh Start

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Have you ever longed for a fresh start? To begin anew with a clean slate with every possibility in front of you?

You aren’t alone. Most everyone desires a fresh start in some area of life. It’s perfectly normal to want to start over from scratch at one time or another. Problem is, people tend to feel guilty about change so they stay doing the same thing, even when:

  • It’s unhealthy
  • It’s boring
  • It’s overwhelming

Of course, not every situation can be remedied by a fresh start. Some commitments are meant to be kept, but many times people cling to things that no longer suit them rather than move on in a new direction.

The Calendar Triggers Yearnings for a Fresh Start 

Every new year, millions of people make resolutions to start fresh and drop old habits and create new ones. This is called the fresh start effect. There’s something about the ending of one year and beginning of a new one that triggers the desire for change. It’s the same with milestones like birthdays or important anniversaries. The passing of one year into the next creates a yearning for something bigger and better than the year before. Each Sunday, we prep for a new week and see Monday as a starting off point where anything is possible. The start of spring may also trigger feelings of a new start as well.

People get highly motivated about change when it’s triggered by a milestone. It helps them reflect on where they thought they would be and whether they reached their health, wealth, or other goals. If not, they may feel the desire for change but also may feel stuck and not sure what to do.

Don’t Feel Guilty About a Fresh Start

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If you are holding back from a fresh start because you feel guilty, stop! Instead, get excited about all the possibilities that come with starting over. Whether you begin January 1, or next Monday, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a jumping off point and going for it. From choosing a new career, starting a new eating style, to moving across country, there’s power in choosing a fresh start.

A Fresh Start Can Change Your Life

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You may be one fresh start away from changing your life. Even if it feels risky or uncertain, it’s worth the effort to try to see how things play out. Follow your gut and take the leap and see what happens. Life often presents great opportunities for a fresh start, be on the lookout for scenarios for change like these:

  • Graduating College
  • Getting Married (or Divorced)
  • Empty Nest
  • Retirement or layoff

These life events, and others, present the opportunity to make changes, grow into yourself, and do something new.

Unless you are hurting others or disrupting the safety and wellbeing on your family, you deserve a fresh start in many areas. Don’t be afraid to make changes and give yourself the opportunity to become everything you were meant to be. 

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Loving Life — The Reboot!


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Don’t Feel Guilty About Wanting a Fresh Start

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