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What Is Spring Cleaning Exactly?

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As the weather warms up, many of us begin to feel motivated to do a good spring cleaning in and around our homes. Spring cleaning is an essential part of clearing out the stuffy remnants of winter and making room for the new. There are a few misconceptions about spring cleaning. It is important to clear those up before embarking on your mission. Here is spring cleaning in a nutshell… what it is and is not.

Spring Cleaning: A Fresh Start to the Year

By the time we are a few months into the year, most of us can use another fresh start. When winter begins to fade into spring, we are ready for a chance to get rid of the old and get on with the new. Performing this ritual gives us that chance to turn over a new leaf, and clean our way into a fresh mindset.

Spring Cleaning: A Good Thorough Cleaning

Spring cleaning is not just your average weekly chores. This activity is a thorough change from the way we are currently living. It’s a chance to get things moving back into the right direction if our standards have slipped at any point.

Spring Cleaning: All about Organization

Spring cleaning is not just about wiping away the grease and taking a swish at the dust. It’s a great time to make an extensive list to follow, both now and on smaller levels for the future.

Find ideas on the internet or in books about home organization. Add to the lists anything that is specific to you and your home so that no stone is left unturned in the process.

Spring Cleaning: Not All-or-Nothing

As much as you may want to do as thorough a cleaning as possible, don’t go overboard. Do your best to make your home sparkly and bright, but give yourself a break when necessary. We should strive for clean, functional homes… but they must also be liveable. Do your best, and then relax with the results you acquire.

Spring Cleaning: Not Just about Home Cleaning

Spring cleaning is generally focused on turning your home into a better, more organized version of its previous state. However, there are plenty other things in your life that you can focus on when you are finished.

Spend some of your time spring cleaning your car. Then, you will once again be able to enjoy your drive to and from work every day. Extend spring cleaning to your purse, and you will be able to find what you need more quickly.


Spring cleaning has many benefits and is something every individual should embark on. It is a great time to make your home feel like a brand new place. Your spring cleaning endeavours can extend to whatever part of your life you choose.

Go through a mental checklist of every area in your life that needs some overhauling. Find ways to make those changes. With a little bit of organization and a lot of effort, you will have a beautiful home and surrounding area to enjoy once again.

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What Is Spring Cleaning Exactly?

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