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UBC Day 10: Where Has the Summer Gone?

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It’s difficult to believe that summer is almost over.

Hear me out…

School starts up again around here in one month — ONE MONTH. I still have lots of plans but with school right around the corner…

And this school year is my daughter’s SENIOR year. That’s right this funny bunny is graduating next year!

K at age 4

We are currently getting ready for her senior pictures — picking out outfits, shoes, and more. It’s an entire thing now! When I took senior photos (long, long ago!), it was one outfit and a couple of backgrounds. Now you can buy a photo package with various backgrounds up to 1 hour away from the photo studio. Whatever your interests — waterskiing, dancing, rock climbing — you can take a photo doing it as one of your senior shots.

Now my daughter’s high school only uses the standard drape and tux pictures for the yearbook. There is also a customary cap and gown photo as well. It’s going to be a process with the drape photo, the cap and gown photo, and several backgrounds of whatever. She can be stubborn, so keep us in your thoughts during this fun time LOL 😄😄😄

As an aside, my son graduates college next May too. May 2024 will be very busy for us!

Beyond School: What Else Did I Plan to Do This Summer?

Oh, I started out with so many plans for this season. I am working on getting my novel out, so there’s that.

I also planned to list some additional products in my Etsy store. Some back-to-school planners, some 2024 planners…I still have time, right!?!

So, with the last part of this summer, I have to:

  • Rev up my marketing tasks
  • Stock up my Etsy store
  • After this month, post on my blog once or twice a week
  • AND get the Senior ready for the start of school!

I love a challenge!

Have a wonderful day!

Loving Life — The Reboot!


UBC Day 10: Where Has the Summer Gone?


  • Tamara

    When did your school year end?
    Cause ours ends this week, and back to school is August 15, we are the district with the absolute shortest summer break. I don’t mind though. It’s too crowded and too hot everywhere, just let’s get this over with, so hockey season can start again.
    So – you blinked, huh? Funny Bunny has one year left. Soak it up, my friend!

    • Dominique

      Our school year ended at the end of May. Your school year is just ending? Do you have more vacation weeks in between grading periods? I think we don’t spend quite enough time in school or maybe it’s what we are teaching…

      Anyway, I appreciate your interest in getting to hockey season. I am counting the days until American football season as well.

      I am both excited and nervous about this year. Everything is changing! LOL

    • Dominique

      I know, right?!? They have moved up the start of school steadily over the past couple of years. My son graduated 3 years ago and school started in late August. Now we are starting at the beginning of August. Time is moving so fast!

  • Angie Vallejo

    Hang on — Senior year just seems to fly! Even with our omeschooling, I couldn’t believe how quick it went — and there was more I wanted to do! Congrats on your novellas — I’m currently work on my first mystery-suspense, and wanting to write 20,000 words this month!

  • Amrita Basu

    Your time seems packed and more.Ks 4 year old picture is adorable. Give my best wishes for her graduation. I am sure you are feeling happy and a little sad at the same time. Kids grow up fast and slow at the same time.

    • Dominique

      My schedule is full, but I am still finding time to waste LOL

      Thank you for the well wishes. This should be an interesting year!

  • Martha

    OMG what an adorable picture! It’s hard to believe where the time as gone. Lia’s last day of school was last Friday and she starts Kindergarden mid August! Not much time to breathe but we’ll all get things done! Can’t wait to see your daughter’s senior pictures!

    • Dominique

      Wow, she is really growing up fast too!

      I am starting school shopping now. I can’t wait to see these pictures as well LOL. She can be stubborn after all!

  • Brenda Marie Fluharty

    Senior year is a big deal. Congrats to your daughter. Things have change a lot since I was in school.

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