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Make a Fall Bucket List

You may have a life bucket list that applies to activities you do year-round, but what about a seasonal one? This can be a great way to clarify what you want to do or get done during this time of year, and even find some new activities that you haven’t done before.

Benefits of Making a Bucket List

To start with, let’s discuss some of the general benefits of having a bucket list. This includes just regular life bucket lists, and specific ones, like time-sensitive bucket lists (things to do before a certain age), or seasonal bucket lists.

There are a lot of ways you can benefit by having this type of list. It can allow you to reach certain goals and have new experiences. You might have things in your mind you have always wanted to do, but what actions have you taken to make them a reality? This is often the hardest part.

When you have a bucket list, you have a clear list of things to do, places to go, people to meet. You’re able to look at the list, set tasks to achieve these goals, and get out of your comfort zone.

Why Use a Season-Specific List?

Similarly, there are quite a few reasons to do a season-specific bucket list, such as one for fall. When you have a bucket list just for fall, it’s more time-sensitive, so you should list things you can accomplish in the next couple of months.

What makes it different is that you’re listing simple things you can do, but more of the things you really want to do during the specific season. It gives you an idea of what you can plan for this season, including what to add to your calendar if you are working on a daily planner.

Having a seasonal bucket list is also going to help you to get out of your house and really enjoying all the season has to offer, instead of constantly feeling like you’ve passed up a good opportunity.

Ideas for What to Include

When thinking about what to include on your fall bucket list, think of what you enjoy doing during the season. Also, consider what you have always wanted to do, but never got around to.

Maybe there’s an apple festival nearby, or you want to go apple picking. You can add fun things like going on a hayride, picking out a pumpkin at a pumpkin patch, or doing certain fall crafts.

You might have other things in mind like having friends over for a game night or going on a fall hike. List anything and everything you would want to do, and cross them off one by one.

Making My Own Bucket List

I have a bucket list that is probably too long to actually complete at this point! I am not much into apple picking or hayrides — I have already done both before. My fall bucket list options would be bigger things — more once-in-a-lifetime things. If I wanted to separate out some things I would want to do during the fall season, I would:

  • Go to an Ohio State/Michigan Football Game. I have no dog in that fight but I have already seen an Alabama/Auburn football game. It’s an incredible spectacle that I would love to witness.
  • Go to a Chicago/Green Bay game at Lambeau. I have been to games at Lambeau but I didn’t get to see the Bears vs. Packers while I lived in Wisconsin.
  • Get my son to attend Homecoming — any homecoming. We are out of high school homecomings so I am hoping for college ones.
  • Do a full declutter of my house. Since my mother’s death, I still haven’t gone through the things in my office from my parents’ home. I would love to get that done this fall!

There are probably more but those are the first three that came to mind. My bucket list looks different than most folks.

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Make a Fall Bucket List

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