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Self-Care Tips to Manage Emotional Eating

Outside of the normal physical things that people do to maintain their health, there are a number of ways in which the emotional state of a person can influence what they are able to achieve in their day to day lives. This is especially true of health goals involving food, weight loss, or any other goal that relies heavily on maintaining some kind of discipline. Having a healthy mindset should be the foundation of any plan for success, so this article will include some tips on self-care to manage emotional eating.

Keep Track of Your Achievements

One positive form of reinforcement can be found in the simple method of recording your achievements. Part of why this can be so great for you is because it gives you a great picture of how far you’ve come. This can give you the extra push you need to get to wherever your finish line may be. Always start with the easiest goals to complete to get started. It will feel good to get things off your shoulders so that you can have less to worry about.

Change the Way You Reward Yourself

self-care tips emotional eating

Did you grow up feeling like food was always an appropriate reward for good deeds and major accomplishments? This is another seemingly harmless, but subtly dangerous way to raise children. When they become adults, this practice could send them speeding off to a fast-food chain to have that meal they’ve been thinking about all night. It’s not healthy to associate brands or food with health and happiness when the nutritional
content is so seriously lacking. It will be important to change the way you feel about rewarding yourself. You can eat something low calorie and healthy, but it would be even better if you decided to do something physically enriching.

Visualize the New You

One of the most powerful methods of self-care, is the ability that people have to envision great things for themselves. Motivational speakers often say that the thing that helps a large number of people to achieve their goal is to see themselves where they want to be in the future. Focus on the positivity you’ll find and create as this new person. Try to see a few details about what kind of person you will be. What would this process mean to you?

Other Activities to Replace Emotional Eating

When problems and stresses arise, how do you cope? It could be easy to overindulge in alcohol, and other state altering substances, but the most common addictions are those that have to do with daily activities. Emotional eating is a fairly large part of why many people have such difficulty in gaining control of their eating habits. This article will be sharing a few ideas on how you can find other activities to replace emotional eating.

Make Some Tea

A lot of times when you think you’re hungry, the need for nourishment was either so small it didn’t require anything or you were simply feeling thirsty. A great way to deal with both of those feelings would be to go make a cup of tea. When you drink tea, you can gain nutrients while hydrating yourself and end up feeling satisfied instead of overstuffed with bready, sugar-filled snacks that you might want to gravitate towards.

Learn A New Skill

Learning a new skill can be extremely enriching. Instead of eating, you can find a hobby that fills your time and exercises your mind. That way you can shift your focus to things that add to your life instead of simply denting your bank account for a fleeting experience with a cheeseburger that will more than likely leave you feeling unhappy and bloated. Try learning a new instrument or painting. Self-enrichment can be a wonderful way to find
peace and self soothe.


Working out is always a great go-to for the person looking to find health and fitness, especially in the case of those who have issues with emotional eating. Working out can fill you with mood-regulating endorphins that help to make you feel more positive about things in general. You will also feel better physically, and no one can ever hate that. Even just going for a 15-minute walk can greatly improve how you feel.

Write Down Your Feelings

Keeping a journal is an excellent way to find out exactly how you feel about things, and you can even keep a journal of what you eat and if there were any events that cause you to choose specific foods that you use as comfort foods. Creating a journal can give you hard insights into your habits a show you how to guard yourself against future binges.

Taking good care of yourself is essential for battling emotional eating. Hopefully, these self-care tips can help you manage your emotional eating.

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Self-Care Tips to Manage Emotional Eating

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