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Families: Ideas to Prevent the Spread of Germs

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You may be deeply concerned about the Coronavirus situation… or you may not feel that scared despite the news reports and headlines.

Whether or not you personally feel that Coronavirus is a threat to your family and friends, each person has a social responsibility to do their part in preventing the spread of germs.

You’ll find some easy practices to put in place, not just during this pandemic but any time you’re forced to be out in a public area with other people. Below find a list of suggestions:

Stagger your parking.

If there is a parking lot with plenty of open, change your priority of parking your car as close as possible to your destination. It never hurts to get in a few extra steps of exercise, and you’ll be practicing good social distancing. Leave plenty of physical space between your car and other people’s vehicles. This way, you’ll lessen the likelihood of making personal contact with people you don’t know who may pass you germs and vice-versa, through the simple act of breathing.

Avoid going shopping in groups.

Instead, have one parent or care taker stay home with the kids while you or another adult in charge runs out to do the masked grocery run. With just about anything available to purchase from online stores, there is a much less sense of urgency when it comes to running out for supplies. Granted, things like milk and eggs run out quickly. But if you live in a rural area, you may be able to find eggs and even dairy products at a local farm stand where there is less likely to be a concentration of people.

Serve snacks in individual bowls and plates.

In the case of small social gatherings being permitted, or if you are getting together with family and friends despite the health officials warnings, you may still want to reduce the spread of germs. Food sharing is a main concern in this case.

Imagine all of the different hands, munching and dipping and re-dipping when you’ve put out snacks such as healthy veggies and dip, chips, pretzels and crackers.

Separate servings.

One good practice to get into the habit of doing is placing serving utensils into the bowl or dish that each food is served in, so that people won’t be inclined to use their fingers or their own fork or spoon to serve themselves. Also be sure to put out individual plates and bowls for people to eat out of so they’re not munching directly from the serving plate to hand to mouth and back again.

You can also locate the snacks in a different room than where people are congregating, to lessen the chance of people accidentally double-dipping.

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Families: Ideas to Prevent the Spread of Germs

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