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10 Reasons To Drink Coffee Every Day

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It’s National Coffee Day!

Ah, nothing beats the sweet smell of coffee in the morning. I used to make a pot of coffee every morning just for the smell! It’s lovely!

However, should we really be drinking a cup (or more) each day?

In 2019, 64% of Americans 18 and older drank coffee daily; in fact, coffee is the most frequently consumed beverage in the world. While some people drink coffee for energy or because they love the taste, it actually offers numerous health benefits.

Let’s take a look at 10 more reasons you should drink coffee every day.

Reduce Risk Of Developing Diabetes

Over 9% of American’s now have diabetes, and the number one factor behind its development is a poor diet and overall bad lifestyle choices.
Although drinking too much coffee is itself a bad lifestyle choice, drinking a couple of cups daily is not only okay, it also an reduce your risk of developing diabetes.

Scientists at Harvard School of Public Health evaluated data from 128,000 healthcare professionals who were surveyed about their diet choices for more than 20 years. During those two decades, 7,300 of them were diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, but the ones who increased their daily intake by more than one cup of coffee each day had an 11% lower risk for the disease.

Coffee Can Prevent Cavities

One of the main health benefits of coffee is that decreases tooth decay. Several studies have shown that roasted coffee beans have antibacterial effects against the S. mutans, the bacterium that causes tooth decay.

Studies also show that roasted coffee prevents the absorption of such bacteria by the teeth. In the studies, various types of coffee beans were used, both roasted and unroasted, Arabia and Robusta, and while all of them provided similar benefits, the roasted varieties seemed to be more active in preventing bacteria from sticking to the teeth.

Coffee May Reduce Risk Of Developing Alzheimer’s

The cases of Alzheimer’s disease are growing at a scary rate, but some studies suggest that you may be able to take to lower your risk by drinking coffee. More research is needed to be definitive but if you are already drinking coffee, it’s nice to know right?

Coffee Improves Your Mood

Coffee contains caffeine, a nootropic that improves your mood and cognitive functioning. In short, it makes you more alert, but it also boosts your mood. But there could be bad effects on your mood as well.

This is especially noticeable if you’ve been drinking coffee each day for a year and suddenly stop. You might experience a downshift in your mood, and only by drinking more coffee are you able to raise your spirits.

Good For Your Liver

Avoid alcohol and drink more coffee is the advice here. While the former can damage your liver beyond repair, the latter can protect it.

Coffee Could Prevent Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is now one of the fastest-growing cancers in the world, and more and more people each year are being diagnosed with it.
There are things you can do to cut your risk, and this includes drinking more coffee. Scientists have theorized that caffeine is responsible for this, though no final conclusion has yet been reached.

Coffee Improves Your Cardiovascular Health

We’re always being told that coffee is bad for our heart.

True, too much coffee is bad for your heart. If you drank 30 cups a day, as the great French writer Balzac was reported to have done, you are putting yourself at massive risk of having a heart attack. However, if you drink coffee each day in moderation, you can actually lower your risk of heart-related problems.

Limits DNA Bad Breaks

You might be wondering why you’d need to strengthen your DNA. But why wouldn’t you?

DNA strands can break. To prevent this rather alarming thing from happening all too often, you could drink more coffee, as it can reduce the amount of DNA breakage. Coffee can also reduce other damage and mutations to your cells.

Lots of Antioxidants

coffee benefits

Antioxidants are your body’s first line of defense against rogue free radicals, and coffee contains more than many fruits, including oranges and grapes.

And, Yes, Coffee Could Help You Live Longer. That’s one of the great potential coffee benefits!

Okay, let’s expand on that carrot at the top of this article. We’ll let Ming Ding, M.D. explain this one:

“Bioactive compounds in coffee reduce insulin resistance and systematic inflammation. They might be responsible for the inverse association between coffee and mortality. However, more studies are needed to investigate the biological mechanisms producing these effects.”

coffee benefits

In short, there are many good reasons to drink coffee each day.
Where’s the barista?

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10 Reasons To Drink Coffee Every Day

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