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Simple Tips to Making Dinner Healthier

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In 2018, the (CDC) Centers for Disease Control released a detailed study on how many Americans consumed fast food. Unfortunately, the numbers are grim. As many as forty percent reported enjoying fast food during dinner almost daily.

In other words, as many as one out of every three Americans consume fast food during dinner every night. Fast food is notoriously rich in unhealthy fats, sodium, and calories that can affect your heart health. Many of the reasons people opt for fast food are the convenience and lack of information on how to cook healthy dinners.

Five simple tips to follow to make dinners healthier and avoid the fast-food line:

Measure and Weigh Everything

Don’t allow yourself to eyeball anything. Be precise with measurements and purchase a food scale. Taking out a scale is not as difficult as it sounds. It is only one extra step. Once you get used to using it as you cook and prepare your meals, you wish you always had one. It is a simple way to ensure you get the right number of servings and calories as you cook, saving you money and weight gain.

Load Up on Vegetables

Incorporate as many vegetables as you can by simply roasting, boiling, or steaming them. Adding as many herbs as you can, salt, pepper, and olive oil enhances their flavor and texture, making them even more enjoyable to consume.

Bake or Broil Don’t Fry

The way you prepare your foods is just as important as the foods you pick to eat. Frying your foods holds onto more oils that make even healthy foods higher in calories and is not a good decision to make. Baking or boiling your foods ensures you get the most nutrients from your foods. Reducing fried foods is essential to prevent weight gain and cancer.

Take Advantage of Herbs

Herbs are flavorful and can make a meal with the same base ingredients different. For example, rosemary chicken or lemon and cilantro roasted chicken. Each of these meals offers a unique flavor without too much work.

Keep Fat and Sodium Minimal

The most important and beneficial part about cooking at home is controlling the amount and types of sodium or fat you use to cook with. Using olive oil instead of vegetable oil is a simple change to protect your heart.

Believe it or not, you have the time and ability to cook your own healthy dinners. The convenience fast foods provide are not worth the weight gain and decreased life expectancy. Instead, you need the right tools and information to get started on the right track. Follow these tips every time you cook your dinners to make adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle easy, enjoyable, and stress-free.

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Simple Tips to Making Dinner Healthier


  • Lily Leung

    Ooops! I just wrote about breakfasting/lunching at a fast food place. But it’s only occasionally. We do alot of home cooked meals. Our portions do sometimes wander into maybe a little large. We do try to scale it down but we don’t use a scale. We do a lot of fruits and vegetables but we do love our meat. Good tips for healthier diet though.

  • Paul Taubman

    “Measure and Weigh Everything” is a great idea. Once upon a time, I just eyeballed and guessed at home much I needed. When I measure now, I also get consistency in the meals I am cooking. If a recipe calls for 1/4 cup of an ingredient, I can be confident that is what I am using. Measuring ensures accuracy in my cooking.

    I also find that measuring everything helps me to be more efficient in the kitchen. I can portion out ingredients ahead of time so that I am not scrambling to measure things while cooking. This allows me to focus on the cooking process and produce a better final product.

  • Tamara

    Considering the facts it should really be a priority to teach nutrition and cooking at every school. Every young person should be able to prepare a few simply but healthy dishes. Yes, take out is convenient but it shouldn’t be a daily habit.
    Herbs are great. Since I don’t seem to manage to keep basil alive in a pot, I purchase it fresh and freeze some.

  • vidya

    so very useful tips..
    while I don’t weight the ingredients, I still tend to measure (even the meals I make regularly)… and most of our traditional meals are steamed and sauted with a couple of tsps of oil at the most.. and of course boiled/pressure cooked for rice/lentils..

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