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Day 27: Thankful for Dancing

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Originally published November 18, 2019. Updated on November 18, 2022.

Today’s 30 Days Thankful exercise is a simple one. We’re going to show our gratitude for being able to dance. How will we do it? By dancing, of course!


Do you love to dance? Or is it something you actively avoid when possible?

Have you ever noticed that babies don’t need to be taught how to dance? When their ears catch a tune and their feet feel a beat, they instinctively bob up and down to the music.

Women typically encourage each other to dance. Think back to the last wedding you attended. Who danced? Mostly the ladies, right?

Many men either don’t want to dance, or their peers have discouraged dancing so they feel self-conscious engaging in such frivolity.

But yet there are some men who willingly partner with women for a romantic moment together on the dance floor. These are the best kinds of men!

Let’s Dance Today!

Dancing should not be a practice that dies out with the old-timers. Nor should it be reserved for weddings and special occasions. If you feel like dancing, get up and boogie!

You’ll notice that when old folks hear their favorite song, they shuffle out onto the dance floor.

Why? Because they’re grateful that they still can, and that’s what this is about.

Nothing is better than being carried away in a beautiful dance, by your cherished partner, husband, or a good friend.

Do men know how happy it makes their wives when men share a dance with them? If not… tell your husband or partner! Maybe it will make him feel good.

Dancing with strangers can be just as big of a thrill! If you get the opportunity to partner up, whether it’s a line dance, a lindy, hip-hop, or tango music… go with it!

If you get the chance… dance! You don’t have to be “good at it.” Just move your feet to the beat, shake your hips, wave your arms, let your body be free, and let the music take you where it may.

Have you ever thought of how badly someone who doesn’t have the use or control of their body might long to be able to dance?

Day 27 JOURNAL EXERCISE: Share your danceable moment.


When was the last time you got a chance to dance?

Was it a wedding, bar mitzvah, sweet sixteen, or some other occasion?

Did you manage to let go and fully immerse yourself in that danceable moment?

  • What’s your favorite song to dance to?
  • What would you call your dancing style?
  • Who is your favorite person to dance with?

Give thanks for being able to dance!

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    Day 27: Thankful for Dancing

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